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What is the Casino Sister Site?

Casino Sister Site - Largest directory of similar sites! 1If you have been on the internet long enough, then you might have come across a section on some websites that are labeled either “partners”, “affiliates” or “sister” sites.

You then decide to visit one of these websites and find out that the material on it is somewhat related to the previous site you were on, so you have managed to find out the relation but what is the need for it? And why do website associate themselves in such a way? Before we move on to that, we have to talk about what this association is and how this network of websites operates.

First and foremost, there is a parent company that owns all of these websites and each of these websites has its independent connection to that company; these sister sites don't need to be connected.

In the case of casino sites, these websites are called casino sister sites and rarely have different content as they share the same casino software, which means that you will find the same games, offers or lobbies across all the sister sites on a specific casino network. The terms ‘sister’ and ‘parent’ is not only limited to the internet, companies that operate in other areas also make use of them.

A key thing to remember about sister sites or companies is that they are variations of the same intellectual property, product or service. It is also worth mentioning that the sister sites, especially the casino ones, will have a similar design or layout for the user navigation and options.

The bonuses and the library of games will also be the same and any updates, like the addition of a new game to the library, will be shared across all websites.

Lastly, the way the user logs in will also be similar but recently, companies have been pushing for an option where the user’s login information is shared across all sister sites so that they don’t have to enter their information repeatedly if they switch from one casino sister site to another.

How do we suggest sister sites?

How do we suggest sister sites?

If you are a customer who is part of a casino site on a network, then there should be no trouble in finding yourself a similar website in the event of the usual one going down. Sister sites usually have the same layout, games, and features and until your favorite can get back online, you have enough content at your disposal to keep yourself occupied.

However, some online casinos are not part of a network and thus, do not have any sister sites. This also means that there are no suitable alternatives for the members playing there and when the website goes off because of a malicious attack, scheduled maintenance or simply because you’re looking for a new place to play, players have nowhere to go.

It also can be frustrating if you already have to squeeze out some time for leisure out of your busy life and enjoy the thrill of gaming, but then you come towards an unresponsive or unavailable mess.

Now, it is the internet, after all, there isn’t a shortage of casino sites and there is bound to be one or two that is to your liking. The problem is not that there is a scarcity of such gaming sites, the problem is that there are too many. It is also one of the major drawbacks of the internet, there is just so much information that it takes such a long amount of time to find out the thing that is ideal for your requirements.

However, we want to eliminate that problem by providing you with alternatives casino sites like the Jackpot sister sites having the same features that our users are accustomed to. We understand the frustration that our users face and want to make sure that they have what they want, a pleasant experience, and that their valuable time does not go to waste.

How do we select the best similar sister sites?

How do we select the best similar sister sites?

Our method for selecting the ideal similar bingo room or casino site consists of some conditions that we follow diligently. The emphasis is on similarity, in terms of the slot games titles, bonuses, jackpots, and welcome benefits.

Software providers are also an important point to consider since they will be the ones to determine if the alternative website has high quality and the same games or not. After comparing the main features of our website with the alternative, the next important thing that we look after is the library of casino games.

Games are what the users spend their time on and each of the players has their list of favorites, thus, the other similar site must have the same casino games so that when the user migrates, they will not find themselves in an unknown library, lost and disappointed.

Another important thing to consider is the wagering requirements and elements such as the RTP and volatility of the casino games. If the alternative website has games that have different specifications then it is clear that our users will be dissatisfied as they can not enjoy the games like they want to regardless of them being the same.

Lastly, various bonuses like for new players, frequent visits or improved jackpots are also a consideration so that our customer knows that they are playing for, and can be assured, of the same rewards.

Differences between Sister Sites, Partner Sites, and Similar Sites?

Differences between Sister Sites, Partner Sites, and Similar Sites?

A parent company is a central or main body that owns other smaller entities like websites or smaller companies. Those smaller entities have another common name, known as a subsidiary.

So in a casino network, the subsidiaries are the smaller sister site while the parent company is the one that owns the entire network.

Many people often mistake a subsidiary or a sister company as part of the parent company, this is wrong. While there is some control of the parent company over the website, the subsidiary acts independently and unless there are some specific conditions, it is oftentimes independent of its sister sites as well.

Now that we have an idea about casino sister sites and the network or parent company that they are part of, it is time we dive deeper into the subject to clear up one major misconception and get a better understanding.

This major misconception arises from another term that can be used for a sister site, which is known as a partner site. Such is the case with gaming sites that offer the same game, like the slot sites with Double Bubble slots.

There are also other ways of referring sister sites that you can find on the web, these are labels or sections that are titled under “sites similar to” or “sites like this” but they all are the same more or less. However, there is a fundamental difference between a casino site and a partner site, even though their relation with each other and the parent company is the same as usual. The key difference between these terms boils down to one thing, the casino software or lobby.

The software will determine whether a website will be classified as a sister site or a partner site because sister sites share the same casino software whilst a partner site may or may not.

It may not seem like much, but this subtle difference can also be an indication of how much value the casino website’s role or relationship is in the network. While the partner website may not share the same casino software, it should be known that it will always have the same parent company as the rest of the sister sites.

Additionally, the casino software plays another important role that greatly impacts the user experience. Sometimes the payout percentage varies across the different casino sister sites.

It can be a really bad experience if the player does not know that he is playing at different odds when he visits another website that has the same library and everything, but different set conditions; we will talk about it more in detail later.

Where do sister sites come from?

Where do sister sites come from?

The reason why we use the word “sister” to show an association of the websites or companies is because of its use and popularity in shipping, which is also the field where it first came from. Ships that were built using the same or slightly different plans from the same manufacturer were called ‘sister ships’. Plus, we all know how ships were and are referred to as “she” because of the influence of Old English, so the usage of the term ‘sister’ makes a lot of sense.

Taking a look at the history of casinos, you will find that there is a vast difference between the past and the present. Back then, there were only a handful of places or operators but right now, you have access to a massive collection of websites like the Dragonfish bingo sites and each of these has games that have their unique playstyle and theme.

Many of the websites you will find will be owned by different companies or groups, and each of these ‘networks’ of casino sites is constantly at odds with each other.

The same can sometimes be said about the casino sister sites but as mentioned before, a lot of the parent companies encourage their members to join other sister sites if they are already part of one, and what to the members get for their troubles? A variety of group promotions, bonuses, jackpot rewards, and some boosts.

A part of the reason for creating networks of casino sister sites is to increase the chances of profit for the parent company and to make their progressive jackpots even bigger.

Other benefits for doing so include a better and bigger reach to potential members or a bigger audience. The marketing and customer service is also easier and you can advertise to all of your visitors more effectively, thus opening up avenues for profitable sponsors if you need any.

So for a quick recap of all of the information above, sister companies are a type of subsidiaries that have a single network or major company controlling them, which is known as the parent company.

In the case of casino websites, these are called the casino sister sites and usually have the same games, offers or membership bonuses across the network.

However, the working of these websites or companies is not related in any sort of way, they function independently of each other and in most cases, the only relationship that they have is with the parent company or casino network.

By virtue, casino sister sites are related to each other, or share a connection, mainly because of the parent company that owns them. It is also the reason why you find the same offers and games on each site so that you can feel right at home and have some familiarity with all of the sites.

The objective of the casino network is to make sure that the player has a good time on either of the websites, especially in the event of one going down.

In a way, the sister websites are also rivals of each other as each of these websites has their traffic of players or members that have subscribed to them, the battle is to attract as much of the population as possible and that means they have to compete against each other.

A feature that most of the companies have now started implementing is that members can transfer their accounts or membership across all of the casino sister sites that are present on the same network. Not only does it eliminate most of the aggression that the competing sites can bring but it is also a very advantageous and convenient feature for the player as well.

There are also advantages for the sister sites themselves for participating in a casino network. According to Investopedia: “When sister companies have a common target market, they can reap the benefits of reduced costs by sharing marketing and advertising materials; they may use common vendors or suppliers as well.”

That is not always the case, however, there are some exceptions as some of the arrangements between the companies are not agreeable to either party or they might simply have a different pricing system, but, that is rarely the case with casino sites.