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October 2, 2019

Buffalo slot machine game is a renowned dynamic pay line online gambling game from none other than Aristocrat Gaming. The developer has yet again pulled off another incredible number from their hat of top gambling games. It comes with the Xtra Reel Power feature, giving the product 1024 ways of winning. More importantly, the feature is popular among pokie lovers and supplies punters with decent payout means without haggling with heavier investments.

Aristocrat has a habit of pulling surprises in all their games, which makes them so brilliant among real money and free slot machine lovers. Buffalo Slot online is based on a storyline featuring the plains and structure observed across the West.

Visualization-wise, Aristocrat Gaming has kept its reputation at its regular best and tried to bring more subjects to the background music. Buffalo online slot game is an eventful experiment from the developer, assuring players to keep expecting more innovations from the developer.

As for the players, the five reels and 1024 paylines are the first to strike. More so, while considering the payouts and symbols galore, the Buffalo slot promises many prospects for the taking.

Buffalo slots Sites 2024

Buffalo slots payouts.

Buffalo Slots Pay Symbols

Buffalo Slot free online is a fruitful combination of how Aristocrat Gaming has taken up the mission of delivering a product to its standards. Unlike the developer’s intent to develop games based in Australia, Buffalo slots are one of their attempts, giving out the feel of the West.

Symbol-wise, the gambling product features five regular payout symbols, which are directly responsible for adding to the players’ fortunes. Considering the fact, Buffalo online slot shows these characters, backing itself with low payout ones. These low payout ones are represented with regular pokie symbols.

Without further ado, here are the payout limits given by each icon in the product.

The Buffalo Icon: The Buffalo imaged symbol is the highest-paying icon of the gambling product. It first gives out 300 coins for appearing five times in the game reels. For its next appearance at 4x times, the reward for taking is 100 coins. Similarly, the icon promises to pay 50 coins for appearing three times, and finally, for showing up two times in the game, the coins to take away home is 10.

Eagle Imaged Icon: The Eagle Imaged symbol is the 2nd highest payout icon of Buffalo online slot machine game. First, the icon triggers as many as 150 coins for a 5x appearance of the same during a round. In the next stage, the symbol gives out 100 coins for coming up four times in the product. Finally, the pay of 50 coins is assured for the punters for the logo coming up three times across the reels.

Tiger Imaged Symbol: Buffalo slot online arrives with this logo next up for the real money and free players. The symbol is responsible for providing a payout of 150 coins for the logo appearing 5 times in the gambling game. This is kept up with the payout, as 4x appearance assures 100 coins as a major takeaway. Ultimately, the logo provides 50 coins as a reward for the appearance greatly in the game.

Wolf Imaged Logo: The image of a Wolf comes next up in the list of main payout icons of the Buffalo slot game. This has convincing coin multipliers and gives 120 coins 5x times to appear in the slot layout. The payout trend in the next stage is assured as the icon gives out 80 coins for the appearance of 4x in the main game reels. Lastly, 20 coins are the final payout for showing up greatly in the game.

Stag Imaged Icon: The Stag Imaged icon in the Buffalo slot is a final symbol among the regular paying ones. This is responsible for giving out 120 coins at maximum for coming up 5x times in the main reels. Next is the logo giving out 80 coins for appearing 4x times in the main reels. Finally, 20 coins are for the taking as the logo gives out for appearing three times in the paylines of the game.

How to win on Buffalo slots?

How to win on Buffalo slots?

Buffalo online slot game is a modern-day gambling product and cannot be completed only with regular paying icons. This is why low-paying ones are always allocated to the product. The appearance of these characters adds to the product’s competitiveness and allows more types of winning combinations to form accordingly.

With so many options galore, here are the top logos to consider in the game, which can change the gamblers’ fate.

Ace: The Ace imaged logo is the first of a lot symbol in the game, having a payout of an impressive 100 coins for flashing up 5x the number of times in the pay line. Next, up for the appearance of 4x times, the outcome is 50 coins and ten coins for the taking when it appears three times.

King: The King imaged logo is the 2nd of the lot icon in the Buffalo online slot. This has a payout of 100 coins for popping up five times in the gambling product. Next, a payout of 50 coins for coming up four times in the game is guaranteed. Lastly, a payout of 10 coins for coming up three times is the payout to consider.

Queen: Queen is the 3rd lowest paying logo of the product, whose payout scheme gives out 100 coins for coming up 5x times in the winning lines of the game. A payout of 20 and five coins is for the taking when the logo appears 4 and 3 times in the game.

Jack: The Jack in the Buffalo slot pokie is the next low-paying logo of the product. However, this follows up having the same type of payout as what Queen imagined the character occupies. However, the precedence of importance, Queen stands ahead of this particular logo.

9 and 10 Card Pokies: These are the final two icons of Buffalo slots having the last positions in terms of payout. Individually, both these logos have a similar payout, while 9 gives an extra two coins for appearing 2x times in the game. Otherwise, the coin multipliers for the taking in Buffalo slot are 100, 10, and 5 coins for 5, 4, and 3 times appearance.

How to activate the Buffalo bonus?

Buffalo Bonus Symbols

Buffalo online slot game has no scarcity of surprises, something that the developer is known to deliver at every small juncture. Despite having no jackpot options in the reckoning, real money players may feel sceptical about investing in the product.

However, these bonus characters in this slot machine make up more than simply giving value-based payouts. This is also the case with other famous Aristocrat slots like the Big Red pokie machine.

Thus, the two major characters are assuring a push in the layout.

Wild: The Wild in Buffalo slot is the image of Sunset. The character holds a prominent position, ensuring to act as a trump character. This helps replace all the low payout ones excluding the Scatters in the pay line. Moreover, Wilds only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Scatters: The Scatter logo in the Buffalo slot game is an image of a Coin. Much like the Wilds, this symbol helps in triggering newer possibilities. For instance, when the image appears five times, a prize of 20 coins is for the taking. Likewise, the coin-wise payout is possible for 4 and 3 times, and punters can earn as much as 10 and 2 coins. However, the character’s main objective is to trigger a bonus feature round.

How to activate the free spins?

How to activate the free spins bonus in the Buffalo slot?

Buffalo slot machine announces the topmost feature of the game: the free spins game. As with other Aristocrat slots like the 5 Dragons pokie machine, Popularly known as the Buffalo Feature, this allows players to win 8, 15 or 20 free games for the scatters appearing 3, 4, or 5 times in the main game. The best part about the free spin round is the total win multiplier added, and the slot assures to multiply by a maximum of 27x.

While the free spin rounds are on course, the Wilds appear anywhere in 2, 3, or 4 reels and do the task of multiplying the win by 2 or 3.

Additionally, the players can trigger the feature once more, and an additional five extra free games are for the taking of any two scatters appearing in the free game rounds.

Buffalo Slot features.

Buffalo Slot Features and Coin Game

Buffalo Slots comes up with a structure of multi-directional paylines, thereby assuring themselves to see payouts appear from all directions. One major feature of the product is that the wins from bonus symbols are multiplied with the Xtra Reels feature. This gives players a convincing payout to consider, especially while playing for real money.

It is to note that the paytable is static, and the payouts are considered for one credit deposit only. A maximum of 300 USD is the reward for a slot machine trade. Players looking for the minimum and maximum bet range can trade with 0.01 USD to 40 USD in the game.

Moreover, it has a variable coin distribution of 0.01 to a maximum of 0.10 USD, a limit set for the players.

In the end, punters might love to make the usage of Autoplay feature available in the product. With a minor adjustment in the coin denomination and wagering requirements, players can sit relaxed while the game trades itself. This feature is available for both real money and free gamblers, respectively.

How to play the gamble feature?

How to play the gamble feature?

Gamble round is a special feature in most of the top games developed by Aristocrat Gaming. Since most of these games have no jackpot rounds, as in the case of Miss Kitty slots, the developer is determined to give a gambling feature to the players. While in this game, the gamble round appears after the completion of any winning spin.

Players have the option to risk the win and require predicting 1 out of 3 probabilities in the poker card. The rewards for choosing the red/ black colour suite will give out 2x of the total rewards earned. For Suite, the reward is a whopping 4x the total amount scored in the game.

Choice of Jackpot Rounds

Choice of Jackpot Rounds

Unfortunately, for the players signed up to win a jackpot, Buffalo is one of those slot products from Aristocrat, which does not hold such rounds. Alternatively, they can try out a gambling round with a 50-50 risk chance and a risk-backed payout for the taking.

Try the Demo Variant

Major numbers of punters today tend to be sceptical about the products served. This calls for the players wanting to play the game for real and free in the demo game variant. This is very common and a major reason why the Buffalo slot is available in the demo variant. Players can try this game in demo modes and plan to trade in the later stages without fearing losing.

Buffalo Slot RTP: 94.85%

Buffalo Slot RTP: 94.85%

Buffalo slot comprises a regular RTP of 94.85%. The gamers playing the products from a developer can always relate to the assured returns. This qualifies the product to comprise having medium volatility and variance as well.

Despite having Stacked Wilds, like Merlin slots, and other free spins, this portion of the product might raise eyebrows by having a lower return.


Summary of Buffalo slots.

Buffalo slot online, a popular non-progressive themed game from Aristocrat, is based on the popular USA landscape theme and the animals found over the region. The product has plenty of prospects for punters planning to trade real money over free gaming.

Not just because of the free spins or gambling features available in most of Aristocrat’s products. The Xtra Reel feature with the overall pay line structure has a lot more reasons why gamblers would be able to score more. Ultimately, the Buffalo slot stands tall for gamblers with its fair share of positives and negatives.

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