You know how frustrating it is when something doesn't work? Or maybe when somethings just not as good as you had hoped?

Well, my Genting Casino review is going to have to be a venting of just that kind of frustration!

The site is very tidy and efficient looking, and there’s plenty of information on the landing page, much of which is devoted to Genting’s casinos located around the UK, and from here you can (naturally) jump straight to the registration page to get your account started.

The following are the main features that Genting Casino, its partner sites and similar casinos offer to players:

  • 50 Years in Gaming
  • 100% Match-up
  • Sports Betting
  • Eyecon Progressives

Genting Casino Sister Sites

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Sister Sites

Genting welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus icon graphicThe registration process was pretty straightforward, though the use of red highlighting was a bit confusing; I’m used to the use of color red on a form meaning I’d missed something or done it wrong, but here it just highlights the box you’re filling in.

Once the formalities had been completed, I found I could claim a £10 free, no-deposit bonus, as well as a 100% deposit match bonus up to a very generous £1,000. So you might well be thinking ‘where’s the frustration?’

Well, I was working on a MacBook Pro, and using fiber-optic superfast broadband, so I expected the site to respond quickly, but for every button I hit and for every selection, I made throughout the registration and after, I waited…and waited…for a response from the website.

Genting casino games & slots.

I reined in my impatience so that I could give you a true reflection of the site, in case it was a temporary glitch or maybe something about my connection, and I can, therefore, tell you that the site has a great range of games.

Online casino games icon graphicThe specialty is live casino games, with roulette, blackjack, poker and so on being well represented, as are sports betting and table games (if you don’t fancy the live versions), but there are some 300 slot games to play too, including some really great titles.

And here comes some more frustration: I selected a slot game to play, thinking to use my £10 no deposit free bonus, only to be faced with a pop-up telling me that this game wasn't eligible for play with the bonus, and could only be played with a cash deposit. It then asked me to select ‘accept and play’ or ‘cancel’ box. I tried…really I tried…to select one or other of these but failed. I used my back button and tried again with a different game; the same result!

I ended up with about eight tabs on my desktop, all waiting for me to say yes or no to cash play, but none prepared to take my word for it that I knew what I wanted!

There are many, many gaming and slot sites out there; some good, some less so, but most of them allow you to play. In my experience, Genting Casino’s interface got me so annoyed that I could find no reason to persist (other than to write a Genting Casino review of course), and if I were playing for my personal pleasure I’d have ducked out long before I eventually did.

It might be worth a visit to see if my experience was unusual; certainly the site looks as though it should be pretty professional and efficient, and doubtless, there are Genting Casino promo codes out there to be found and used, but sadly I’ll be taking my custom elsewhere.

After all, you wouldn't shop at a store where the staff asked you a question then completely ignored your answer, would you?