How to win on slots – Top 10 tips for online players!

Can you win on online slots? This is a frequently asked question concerning slot games. While there is no specific method that guarantees a consistent win when playing these games on the internet, there are some guidelines that slot players can follow to increase their chances of winnings and having a more positive entertainment experience.

The following is our “How to win on slots – Top 10 tips” player guide. These guidelines you help you avoid most rookie mistakes and shortcut your way to a fun and positive gaming experience, even if you're playing for the first time.

How to win on slots?

Tip #1 – Not all gaming sites are created equal. Choose wisely!

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Is it the slot games? Bingo? The table games? The Instant Wins? Or maybe it's all of them together. The first thing you need to do to win on slots is to choose your gaming site wisely.

Just think for a second if the site you're joining will offer you true entertainment past the first hours/visits. Sometimes we're tempted to sign up just to take up on an offer or because our favourite slot game it's on the menu but be careful, the site may not live up to the hype in the long run.

If it's winning a huge slots progressive Jackpot and other prizes on a small budget then you want to play at casinos with lots of give-away prizes and promotions that you can usually enter for free .

If you're a High Stakes or a frequent slot player with either a bigger budget or constant (monthly/weekly) budget, then you want to play at more sophisticated online casinos and gaming sites with top-notch VIP Programmes that include things like personalized bonuses and promotions, higher wagering limits, faster withdrawals with higher limits.

Jackpot CityTip 2 – Set a budget to spend.

Tip #2 – How much do I want to spend today?

You don't go for a night out with friends or your significant other and blow up all your savings on limousines and expensive champagne for everyone, do you? The same goes for real money gaming. Learning how to win on slots involves having a budget you can afford and sticking to it.

Decide on how much money you can afford to spend on a single session, day, week or month and how much money you're willing to spend on this entertainment. Once you have a set budget for slots gaming, then you can find a gaming site that better fits your budget and expectations.

Tip #3 – At least Double Bubble your bankroll.

Tip #3 – At least Double Bubble your bankroll!

One of the best tips I can give you to win on slots is to play with as much money as possible, but not all that money has to come from you. All gaming sites offer some form of welcome bonus for newcomers. The most common being 100% free sign up bonus, but you can now get 200%, 300%, 500% and even 800% free. So you should always look at least double bubble your first deposit.

High welcome bonuses give players an unprecedented chance to seriously boost the bankroll even on the smallest budget. There some offers like deposit £10 get £55 to play; sometimes as much as £80 to play slots online. Make that a £50 deposit and you're in for some serious playing time.

Other bonuses like £10 free no deposit slot bonus offers are popular among online players but keep in mid that a free tenner is not going to go a long way towards providing you much entertainment time or substantial winnings. So look for bonuses that really give your bankroll a substantial boost worth your time and money.

Tip 4 – Choose the right game for you.

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Tip #4 – What kind of slot are you?

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Which slot is the right for me? That will greatly depend on another question: what are you looking to get out of it?

Are you looking for a game with lots of free added features like free spins, bonus rounds and entertaining animations? Maybe you have your mind set on winning a progressive Jackpot? Or maybe slots is your game and it's the variance of the games and standard deviation of winnings that you look for in games?

Another great tip for winning on slots is to learn how to spot the right slot for you among the hundreds of games on offer. As a rule of thumb, the more bells and whistles slot games has, the lower the average winning payout will be.

Two slot games may be classed as 96% RTP which at first glance may some believe the return is the same. But playing a 3-reeler with 1 payline and 9 combos paid by wager size may prove to be way better than a 5-reeler with 100 paylines, free spins and a progressive Jackpot; just because the odds of the latter for a significant thrilling win is much less likely and often.

Tip 5 – Check the payouts and RTP %.

Tip #5 – Please, mind your Payouts & RTP.

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Do you know why no one in Europe plays American roulette? It's that additional 00 which basically kills the odds in game. Players know this so they play European roulette instead. As a slot player you're advice to do the same.

In online video slots there are two key features to look for: Payout variance and Return-to-Player (RTP%). The right slot game will vary from player-to-player and his/her expectations but games with lower RTP% will undoubtedly payout less in the long run compared to high RTP slot games.

You're welcome to play game you like but we recommend that you look for a min of 94.6% Return-to-Player (RTP) and depending on your style of gaming and budget size, go for medium to high variance slot games; since this combination can provide longer gaming sessions and thus more fun.

Tip 6 – Why are you playing?

Tip #6 – Why are you playing? Seriously!

This is not to be confused with “which slot game is right for you?” discussed on Tip #4. The question here is: are you a social player? Do you enjoy the virtual company of other players, the chats, being part of a leader-board or earning batches?

Are you a thrill-seeker? It's the rush of a winning streak or a huge win that makes you come back and again? Are you playing as entertainment on a night in?

Asking yourself these questions is good advice if you want to win on slots. Knowing the answer to them will greatly determine your level of satisfaction with the gaming experience. Thus making you a winner every time, regardless of any financial reward. If you're more of a social player, go for something like Casumo Casino, you'll love it! If you're a hardcore slot player, go for something like Spin Palace or Starspins. If you're more of a casual player, then Virgin Games and Slotty Vegas are for you.

Tip 7 – Consider the progressive jackpot alternative.

Tip #7 – Give progressives a chance without betting full coins.

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If it's a huge cash prize the reason you want to learn how to win on slots then this tip is the one for you. Playing slot games with progressive Jackpots is actually not everyone cup of tea, so this tip is definitely not for every player out there.

There are many slot players, especially those who favor high-variance slot games, who are not interested in progressives at all; and with good reasons.

Typically progressives cost full coins and the cash prize is rarely triggered. There are however new online slot games that offer players a chance to win a progressive Jackpot while wagering min coin size.

In this case, if the game is good like Wonderland Slots or Deal or No Deal slot then you might as well play these games and have an added chance of winning a HUGE cash prize.

Tip 8 – Consider the luck factor.

Tip #8 – Hey, don't push the Lady!

Often times the problem is not the lack of luck but rather players pushing their luck. So this tip on how to win at online slots is about knowing how to handle Lady Luck.

We all love to win, and the thrill of winning is quite nice but one may get carried away during a winning streak. But it's important to keep your feet on the ground and don't go all bananas with the best.

There are some ‘winning strategies' out there that advise players to increase the best when they're on winning streak but this can have disastrous consequences. Being lucky at one point does not guarantee that it will carry on for the following spins so stick to your limits and keep a cool head.

Tip 9 – Play smartly.

Tip #9 – Make the most of your bankroll.

Having a budget to play slots online is one thing, being able to manage that budget effectively is another story. Remember all that extra free cash you got on Tip #3? To win at slots you'll need to put this money to good use. In a nutshell, the whole point of Bankroll Management is to stretch your resources to give you as much playing-time/winnings as possible. More playing = more fun = more chances of winning.

So if you have a £100 budget for the whole month, and you like playing slots as much as possible, then you may decide to break the budget into £25 per week. Rather than depositing the £100 a managing your bankroll while playing, you bring in £25 each week coupled with a welcome bonus and multiply that every time you play. This way you can only spend max £25 but get up to £160 to play every single time.

Now if you're going for the thrill of the medium/high variance slots, what you want to do is bring as much cash as possible into a single session, rather than spreading it out. Coupled your deposit with a bonus offer to boost the bankroll and then you're set to play at a decent £2-£5 per spin level on promising slot games like Double Bubble, Rainbow Riches, Zeus III or Thunderstruck 2.

Tip 10 – Choose safe & fair casinos.

Tip #10 – “License and registration, please”.

There's no point in playing at a gaming site if you're just going to get robbed, scammed or defrauded. Online gaming is about fun and entertainment but when money is involved, safety and security cannot be overlooked.

Knowing if a casino is safe or not is not that complicated. Always scroll down to the bottom of the homepage on the slot site you want to join and have a look at where the casino is based, which government has granted the gambling license and which regulating bodies are in charge of regulating and auditing that gaming site.

This tip on how to win playing slots online is very important. A quick way to find LOTS of safe gaming options without having to go through every result online is to visit slots and casino review websites that are dedicated to finding the best UK casinos and gaming sites while weeding out the ‘bad ones'.

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