Mecca Bingo Advert – The best moments and promos in bingo.

April 15, 2019
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The Mecca Bingo advert campaigns have become very popular in the last ten years.

In today’s article, we will focus on the most popular Mecca Bingo Adverts published in the last few years. As we have already stated, intermediaries link producers and consumers; in the gaming industry, intermediaries link casino operators with bingo players.

The role of intermediaries encompasses one key aspect, i.e. promoting the producer’s product. In the same vein, as we look at the intermediaries working in the gaming industry, we ought to know that they also serve the same purpose, i.e. promoting the casino operator’s casino. If you’d like to know more details about this super popular UK bingo room, please visit our review of the sister sites of Mecca Bingo.

This Mecca Bingo advert article will not cover intermediaries that serve all casino operators (truthfully speaking, that’s literally next to impossible considering the high number of casino operators in existence and those that are mushrooming daily). Rather, this article will focus on the message (i.e. casino bonuses and promotions) relayed by intermediaries that link Mecca Bingo Advert and its (prospective as well as regular) players.

If you are looking to watch any of these adds you can visit Mecca Bingo’s official YouTube page.

£5 to £50 Free Play Mecca Bingo Advert

The 5 to 50 pounds free play ad is an advert by Mecca for Mecca Bingo Casino. The ad is pretty short, running for just 11 seconds, but in that limited time, the ad does reveal all the basics that the player needs to know about the 5 pounds to 50 pounds welcome bonus. In all, the ad reveals that to stand a chance of claiming the win, the player needs to join the Mecca Bingo Casino first. Joining Mecca Bingo Casino doesn’t consume much time, as in 4 to 5 minutes, the player would have gone through all the registration requirements.

Once done, the ad states that if the newly registered player deposits at least 5 or 50 pounds on his first deposit, Mecca Bingo Casino will award him the same amount of money (free money) equivalent to his first deposit. Effectively, this means that the casino awards all newly registered players a 100 per cent match-up bonus of up to 50 pounds! With the free money awarded, the player can use it to wager on any casino game of his choice.

As you probably know, the Mecca Bingo advert is the mecca for bingo games and bingo players; hence, if you are a fan of bingo games, you will love this 5 pounds to 50 promotion. This, however, does not mean slots lovers or fans of table and card games cant join in the fun; Mecca Bingo also offers slots, table and card games, meaning, therefore, that all casino players will have something to settle for at this online casino when using the free money awarded to them thanks to the 5 pounds to 50 pounds promotion.

Mecca Bingo £5 free bingo bonus Advert Macarena 

The Mecca Bingo £5 bingo bonus ad is an advert that Mecca produces for Mecca Bingo Casino. Mecca Bingo players and lovers of the Macarena affectionately know this ad. Compared to the ad above, this ad is much longer, running for 30 seconds. In the first part of the ad, players will get to see a lucky player landing some highly lucrative consecutive wins whilst playing bingo games. As is the case when winning, the lucky player soon starts celebrating her wins, and the whole world congratulates her.

With ads predominantly produced to reveal what to expect when you go for a certain product, in this instance, Mecca Bingo advert games, we can only assume that when you settle for Mecca Bingo Casino games, you will also land some highly lucrative consecutive wins. The Mecca Bingo £5 free bingo bonus ad has a second part, presumably the most important part, as it reveals how players can earn free money!

Love the sound of that? If you do, all you need to do to win the free money is deposit at least 10 pounds and wager the same amount in a day. When you do so, you will automatically receive a free 5 pounds! As a daily bonus, it’s important to note that you can only claim the free 5 pounds per 24 hours and use it within 48 hours.

Mecca Bingo Advert: Deposit £10 online & play with £50 Ad (Plus £10 credit in any club) | 18+ | #ad

Produced and published by BingoPortUK, the Deposit 10 Pounds Play with 50 Pounds in Mecca Bingo advert, whose contents are meant for current and prospective Mecca Bingo Casino players. Simply put, the Deposit 10 Pounds Play with 50 Pounds is an ad from an intermediary in BingoPortUK linking Mecca Bingo Casino and its ‘products’ to casino players.

In developing the ad, BingoPortUK produced the ad with a friends theme, the theme running under the banner ‘friends that play together stay together’. In the first part, the ad encourages friends to find the time to hang out and play together even if sometimes time and resources are not permitted. In the second part, the ad reveals the basic details about the Deposit 10 Pounds and Play with 50 Pounds promotion. The name of the ad does reveal what this promotion is all about.

The player simply has to make a 10 Pounds deposit, and after that, he receives free money up to the tune of £40! The beauty of this promotion is that the player receives free money to use at the Mecca Bingo online casino and a free £10 credit, which can be redeemed in any Mecca outlet. If you’re fishing for other great bingo promotions, please visit our Butler’s Bingo Sister Sites review, which includes a deposit of £10 and getting £100 in bingo bonuses.

Mecca Bingo Advert: Dancing Cactus (Deposit £5 Play with £50 Promotion)

The Mecca Bingo advert has an ad called the Dancing Cactus ad. The name is derived from the ad’s main character. A human clad in a cactus suit relays the basic information about the Deposit 5 Pounds Play with 50 Pounds promotion.

The promotion is meant only for new players at this online casino. In many ways, the promotion is similar to the recently discussed Deposit 10 Pounds online and play with 50 Pounds (Plus 10 Pounds credit in any club) promotion, as players in this promotion are required to make an initial first deposit of 10 pounds.

Once the player has made the first £10 deposit, he, in turn, will be awarded a free £40, thereby bringing the total amount of money he has in the casino account to 50 pounds. In addition, the player will be awarded a 10 pounds voucher which he can redeem at any of the Mecca land-based clubs.

Fantastic Day Commercial (Special Promotion)

The Fantastic Day promotion ran from the 23rd of April to the 25th of May 2012. What this therefore means is that the promotion is no longer available. However, the mere fact that Mecca Bingo Casino once conceived this promotion and that it came to life is enough evidence to suggest that a new creature in the same mould might just pop up anytime soon. Against this background, we will share the details about the promotion as relayed by the ad created by Mecca Bingo adverts for the casino.

The ad stated that the Fantastic Day promotion was open to all players, both those playing at the Mecca Bingo online casino and those playing inside the land-based Mecca clubs.

For online players, in order to enter the promotion, they simply had to wager on any game of their choice with a minimum of 1 pound. For land-based players, nothing on their part was expected from them to enter the promotion other than their confirmation by filling up the promotion fliers!

Pretty easy qualification requirements, to say the least, isn’t it? Players who did enter the promotion at the end were put in a draw, and the lucky names to be picked up won cars and other highly valuable prizes!

Penny Bingo Games Promotion

The Penny Bingo Games Promotion, just like the Fantastic Day Promotion, was a special promotion they created for the Mecca Bingo advert, which ran for a short period ending on 13 March 2016. The ad specifically created to promote the Penny Bingo Games promotion came with a friends theme with the banner of the theme reading friends that play together stay together. In the promotion, players who wagered at least 1 pound on any bingo game automatically entered the Penny Bingo Games Promotion.

At the end of the promotion, all players who had qualified for the promotion were put into a draw, and the lucky names to be picked up were winners of 1000 pounds! With Mecca Bingo having a good reputation for bringing back to life some of its past bonuses and promotions, we can only assume that a promotion in the same mould as the Penny Bingo Games promotion may be conceived soon.

£50 Sign Up Bonus Mecca Bingo Advert

The 50 Pounds Sign Up Bonus was one of the very first welcome bonus packages to be rolled out by Mecca Bingo Casino to its online players. To help further spread the news about this welcome bonus package, the Mecca Bingo advert utilised Mecca’s services, which in turn produced a 50 Pounds Sign Up Bonus ad. The ad, which runs for just 20 seconds, does much in revealing all the basics about the welcome bonus package.

According to the information shared by the ad, all newly registered players at the online casino who deposit at least 5 pounds to 50 pounds as their first deposit will, in return, be awarded free money equivalent to the amount they deposited!

This is to say that if the player made the first deposit of 5 pounds, he will, in turn, receive a free 5 pounds; also, if the player made the first deposit of 50 pounds, he will, in turn, receive a free 50 pounds. Effectively, this made the welcome bonus a 100 per cent deposit match-up bonus of up to 50 pounds.

Mecca Bingo Loyalty Points

Bingo Loyalty Points is an ongoing promotion at Mecca Bingo Casino whose main message is relayed to prospective and regular players via an ad created by Mecca, which goes by the same name, i.e. Bingo Loyalty Points from Mecca Bingo. The promotion is specifically meant to retain and attract new players by highlighting why it’s important for players to keep playing at Mecca Bingo Casino.

Players who consistently play their casino games at Mecca Bingo Casino will receive loyalty points each time they start a new gaming session. The loyalty points awarded to players can accumulate. When they reach certain thresholds, players can exchange points for bingo tickets (thereby enabling players to play bingo games for free) and for cash.

Mecca Bingo Moments

Mecca Bingo Moments is a 2 in 1 ad created by Mecca for Mecca Bingo Casino. By 2 in 1, we simply mean that the Mecca Bingo Moments ad promotes two promotions in one ad. The first promotion covered by the Mecca Bingo Moments ad is the jackpot promotion which sees ten lucky players win 1000-pound jackpots.

To enter the promotion, players simply need to play any bingo game of their choice, and in return, they will automatically enter the draw for the 1000-pound jackpots. The second promotion refers to the 100 per cent match-up bonus of up to 50 pounds.

This second promotion is specifically for newly registered players at the casino. On their first deposit (which should be from 5 pounds to 50 pounds), players will receive a 100 per cent match-up bonus of up to 50 pounds.

With such a lot of bonuses and promotions on offer at Mecca Bingo Casino relayed by modern intermediaries (namely the TV and the internet), there is no reason why you should wait before you pay Mecca Bingo Casino a visit. Head straight to Mecca Bingo Casino now to give yourself a chance to win free money!

Mecca Bingo is operated by Rank Group Digital and it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

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