Being the next in line after the famous More Chilli slot game, Aristocrat has released More More Chilli slot as a great improvement. If you were ever a fan of the original game, then you will surely find this one to be pleasantly reassuring since it works on the shortcomings of the previous game.

The Mexican theme stays true in the new More More Chilli slot machine and recognized immediately by anyone who had played the prequel. In this updated game, there are several cleverly done animation, especially with the Mexican guy as you will see him spinning two pistols or even dancing while shooting on the ground whenever a bonus is obtained.

Graphics aren't the only thing that makes a big upgrade for More More Chilli slots. The bonus game is also bigger and better than ever. With a tall Helix XT cabinet installed, this poker machine enables the user to play with 24 sets of reels in the bonus game if they manage to get to that stage.

The Australian software developers, Aristocrat, have designed this game with a standard 5×3 game arrangement, meaning 5 reels and 3 betting lines. It also has up to 25 pay lines over the reels. This redesigned was done after careful analysis of the original to turn its weaknesses into advantages, creating a solid slot machine in the process.

More Chilli Slots


More Chilli Slots Features

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Variance: Medium
  • Coins: £0.01-£5
  • Wilds: All
  • Scatters: All
  • Bonus Games: Free Spins
  • Features: Extra Wilds
  • RTP: 97%

More Chilli Slots Basics

  • Game Type : Extra Wilds, Free Spins
  • Software : Aristocrat

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More Chilli Slot Features

 More More Chilli slots offer highly entertaining gameplay with some innovative features, especially the bonus feature that brings up multiple reels and grants you a significant boost in your rewards. The main objective of the game is to stack up on the rewards as much as possible. A way of doing that is to make use of free spins that start with two sets of free reels.

This function game is also triggered when 3 or more scattered symbols make an appearance on the screen. It can also be triggered randomly when any rotation of the reels is completed. When this feature is triggered, two sets of reels will appear and a free game will start on both reels. In the free game, every Chilli to fill up the Chilli meter counts and the higher the meter, the better the rewards are.

By landing 3 or more bonus symbols, the 5th reel will now contain a special bonus symbol counted as twice its value. During the reward period, you can now re-trigger, and if you get 3 rewards, you will get an extra free game with symbols on any reel. If the player gets another 5 Red Chilli Peppers then the 4th and 5th reel will turn wild, allowing the player to get a huge win.

Collecting 9 Red Chilli Peppers will enable another additional reel, the 4th, also with the 5th  reel on all 3 games turning wild. Lastly, if the player is lucky enough to get 30 Red Chilli Peppers, then the Reels 3, 4 and 5 turns wild and can help a player to notch up an amount of up to 400 coins with the minimum bet amount of 1.5. We will talk about the free spins in more detail further on in the article.

This game is pretty polished when it comes to the transitions to different bonus screens, sounds and graphics. For those who like the original, the symbols and protagonists give a familiar feeling but the quality is so much better. You will see a Mexican style behind the reels, and many small animations starred by are seen when the during a victory or before and after the bonus feature.

There are 3 lines of symbols in each row on the 5 reels. On the reel, you will find cactus, hot sun, Mexican-style houses, and many standard Aristocrat pokie cards. Unlike More Chilli, this game has a bonus level, which is the multiple reels, and some great score multipliers with the new Wheel feature; we will talk about them in detail further below. There is also an autoplay mode through which the player can adjust up to 25 automatic attempts.

Volatility and Return-to-Player (RTP) Value

More More Chilli slot is a has medium slot volatility or variance and an RTP value of 95.69%. This medium variance is a perfect balance between high risks and guaranteed rewards, a higher variance means the risks are high while a low variance means that the rewards are too low. In addition to that, the player has the advantage of an RTP value of 95.69%, which is quite a lot compared to the RTP of your regular casinos. Whether you are playing with real money or for fun, the developers want to make sure that you have a great time and a fulfilling reward at the end.

Maximum and Minimum Bet

The maximum amount you can bet is 800 while the minimum amount you can bet is 1.  Aristocrat allows us to play the game in the denominations of 1c, 5c, and 10c, which changes some of these betting amounts. For instance, if you have selected the 5c denomination for 25 lines, then you will wager 1.25 credits, and if you have selected the 10c denomination and 50 lines, then you will wager 50 credits.


The game is inspired by Mexican tradition and culture, so the main symbols on the reels include things that correlate to a Mexican theme. These symbols include things such as a blue Chihuahua, a bottle of spicy souse, a cart with hot peppers, a purple chicken, red Chilli pepper, the Sun and some playing cards that have the letters A, K, Q, J, the numbers 10 and 9.

The number and letter card symbols make have the least value while the blue Chihuahua is the most prized of all the symbols. If you manage to get 5 of the Chihuahua symbols, then you will be awarded a huge payout of 2500 coins.

The Chihuahua gives you between 320 and 400 credits, and, 3000 if you have bet with 800 credits or above. The Money Bag with a dollar sign is the scatter symbol for the slot and allows the player to trigger free spins and a two-times multiplier for their reward after the spin.

The payouts for all of the symbols are mentioned here, with the lowest bet kept in reference:

  • The Sun symbol gives 100 coins for 3x, 225 coins for 4x and 2000 coins for 5x.
  • The Mexican guy is a substitute for every other symbol except the scatter and Red Chilli ones, it gives 20 coins for 2x, 150 coins for 3x, 300 coins for 4x and 3000 coins for 5x.
  • The Souse bottle gives 100 coins for 3x, 200 coins for 4x and 1000 coins for 5x.
  • The Chilli Cart gives 80 coins for 3x, 200 coins for 4x and 400 coins for 5x.
  • The Purple Chicken gives 70 coins for 3x, 150 coins for 4x and 300 coins for 5x.
  • The Blue Chihuahua gives 100 coins for 3x, 250 coins for 4x and 2500 coins for 5x.
  • The letter A gives 50 coins for 3x, 100 coins for 4x and 200 coins for 5x.
  • The letter K gives 50 coins for 3x, 75 coins for 4x and 100 coins for 5x.
  • The letter Q gives 40 coins for 3x, 70 coins for 4x and 75 coins for 5x.
  • The letter J gives 30 coins for 3x, 50 coins for 4x and 75 coins for 5x.
  • The number 10 gives 20 coins for 3x, 30 coins for 4x and 50 coins for 5x.
  • The number 9 gives 10 coins for 3x, 20 coins for 4x and 30 coins for 5x.
  • The Money Bag is the scatter symbol that gives free spins if you manage to get 3 or more and it only appears on reel 5. This symbol on reel 5 counts for twice its value.
  • Collecting chillis will make the Wild symbol appear and play a role in the bonus free spins.

Wild Symbol

The Mexican guy acts as the wild symbol in the game and like in the majority of the slot machine games, the Wild symbol acts as a replacement or substitute for all of the other symbols on the screen. The only two symbols it can’t substitute is the Money bag scatter symbol and the Red Chilli Pepper symbol that triggers the free spins. One thing to note is that in the case of More More Chilli, only the highest win is paid on each line. Special bonus symbols that appear on reel 5 counts as 2 bonus symbols in total, which means you only need one other bonus symbol on reels 1 thru 4 to trigger the bonus. The jackpot prize is non-progressive, and it takes the value of 3000 coins. To make it happen, you would need to make 5 Wild cards appear on an active pay line.

More Chilli Free Spins

To trigger the free spins bonus, you have to get 3 or more of the money bag symbols anywhere on the reels. When you get it initially, you will be rewarded with 15 free spins but there is a way you can extend this bonus mode. The symbols have a big dollar sign on them and you can open them to reveal piles of gold coins. An indication that you have entered the bonus free spins mode is that the Mexican guy will do his animation of dancing and shooting on the ground.

You will also find that instead of a single set of reels, you will now see two of them on your screen. Under each of them, you will see the giant Chilli, which is the meter you have to fill up by getting Chilli symbols during your free rounds. This addition of extra sets of reels was the key feature of the free spins in the original older version of this game and now in the new release, things are a bit more exciting.

As you pile up on the Red Chilli symbols and fill the meter, more reels will start appearing on the screen until the maximum number of 24 is reached. You can also get more free spins if a Money bag symbol appears, it grants you 1 free spin per symbol. Let’s not also forget about the fact that getting Red Chilli symbols will make Wild symbols appear on the reels, which gives you an even bigger reward at the end. Here is a list that will show more about how many sets of free spins you can play, the reels that will appear and which of them will be turned wild:

  • Getting 9 to 13 Red Chilli Peppers enable you to play 3 sets of reels with the Reel 5 becoming wild.
  • Getting 14 to 17 Red Chilli Peppers enable you to play 4 sets of reels with the Reels 4 and 5 becoming wild.
  • Getting 18 to 38 Red Chilli Peppers enable you to play 8 sets of reels with the Reels 4 and 5 becoming wild.
  • Getting 39 to 98 Red Chilli Peppers enable you to play 24 sets of reels with the Reel 3, 4 and 5 becoming wild.

Gambling Mode 

There is also a gambling option in the game where you can choose to bet on your winnings and multiply them, or completely lose them. You will be given a card and you have to guess the color or suit or both. If you manage to get either of the two colors, red or black, right, then your wagered amount will be doubled, and, if you manage to get even the suit of the card right, then your wagered amount will be quadrupled.

Wheel Spin Feature

One of the two most prominent problems of the prequel More Chilli were that the Red Chilli symbols had zero value of their own, they would often be just an obstacle to block the pay lines. The other one was that retriggers were not possible so players would have no way to keep the bonuses. More More Chilli addresses both of these issues by allowing retriggers and an introduction of another bonus feature known as the Wheel.

For the retrigger o happen, you would need to get three or more bonus symbols during the free spins. As for the Wheel, that happens when you get 7 or more Red Chilli symbols on your screen. The Wheel has a lot of multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x and after you spin it, that multiplier is applied to your winnings. Another cool thing about the Wheel is that it has a chance to trigger randomly at the end of any game if you have put in real money.

More about More Chilli pokie machine.

More Chilli slots it’s a Mexican-themed online video slot game made by Aristocrat and attracted to the internet world by MoneyGaming accessible free play real money wagering.

This unique and enjoyable online slot comprises five reels free spins bonus round rewarding and games wilds and scatters symbols which can make your money balance take up like Speedy Gonzalez.

More Chilli pokie’s existed for decades but just at arcades, brick-and-mortar casinos, neighbourhood bars and also the Apple App Store. This brand new online version premiered in March 2012 plus it’s shown to be HOT and has rapidly become a must-play one of the players.

This hot game starts with the plump and merry moustached Mexican cheer you in game-start, that shows up on the slots as frequently as these shore sellers at the sunny Mexican shores. Every last detail within this game yells “Viva Mexico” with the reels coloured green, red and white as the Mexican flag.

The reels arrive packed with paying for Mexican symbols like the Sun, Tequila, Chihuahuas, Chickens (are such Mexicans?) , sacks of bucks, a Chilli stand-alone and obviously our smiling Mexican amigo.

Our merry Mexican amigo not just displays up to state “Hola” however, it’s also the crazy symbol inside this slot sport. It’s the capability to substitute any symbol on the reels except for your own Chilli Pepper scatters.

The Chilli Pepper emblem is the one which you would like to be on the watch for. When players receive three Chilli Peppers about the slots, the match will give them 10 free spins, and in the event the Plus 5 Gamble is more active, they’ll get 15 free spins.

What’s very sexy about this free spins feature is that additional Chilli Peppers may include more reels into the twists. Initially players get 2 sets of slots however these are raised to three places when 9 Chilli Peppers are accumulated. In case 14 Chilli Peppers are gathered, then the number of reel places grow to four and when 30 Chilli Peppers are accumulated, then the next, fourth and fifth slots are full of wild symbols to the rest free spins.

The gaming game in More Chilli pokies system is now a regular feature on many Aristocrat online pokie games console.

One thing to notice More Chilli slots would be it’s fun for both, large and tiny gamblers. It’s a cent slot machine as far as a hardcore video slot at which gamers can win up to 4,000 gambling the highest 60 bet.

Much like the remainder of Aristocrat online video slots, Longer Chilli also supplies a bet feature in which players can increase their profits in the slots on a card negative game.