Neteller review – Is Neteller the best e-wallet? Find out inside!

What is Neteller? 

Neteller, far from being a typo for a chocolate and hazelnut spread, is in fact an eWallet, or online payment provider which, once you've opened an account, will allow you to make payments, withdraw funds and transfer money around the world.[space]

Neteller charges for its services; these fees are laid out very clearly on its website, so if you want a free service you might be advised to look elsewhere, although I doubt you'll have much luck, as all the main players in the eWallet business charge for their services.

With that in mind, it’s an advantage in a lot of ways that Neteller are a lot more upfront about these charges than some of the others; specially when using Neteller as your main deposit and withdrawal method when playing at the casino.

Visit Neteller at a

Is Neteller safe?

neteller account
Neteller Account

The site is well laid out, with a green header and the rest of the page filled with graphics taking you through different ways to deposit funds into your account. There are a lot of these. A lot!

While you won’t have any problem putting your money into Your Neteller account, however, (and credit to Neteller here for not hiding the fees in the small print) virtually way you can deposit money carries a fee of a percentage of the total amount deposited.

When withdrawing your winnings from the casino, there should be no problem at all, but once again you will be letting yourself in for fees of between €7.50 and €25, or a fixed percentage if you're transferring money from Neteller to another account. The only withdrawal that doesn't come at a cost is when you use Neteller funds to pay a merchant site.

How to pay with Neteller?

Like many other eWallets, Neteller offers a payment card, which you can use just like a debit card. It carries the MasterCard logo, so you know it'll be accepted widely around the world.

However, be aware that this card has quite prohibitive limits on number and value of transactions. These are clearly stated on the website, but even so, I think it might be a bit too easy to get stuck if that were your only means of paying for your day to day stuff on holiday for example.[space]

Using Neteller for online payments, such as depositing funds into your casino account, is quick, easy and should be very secure. Also, casinos rate as merchant sites, so it shouldn't cost you a penny to make the deposit from your Neteller account to your casino account, though you might find getting your winnings out means you getting hit for more fees.

My view is that these guys are big, safe and upfront, but for most people it might prove a little pricey to use them extensively.

A personal experience at Neteller

If you've seen Skrill review, the popular eWallet solution, you probably read my personal experience with Heart Bleed, Skrill and a group of hackers/fraudsters that almost took £5,000 from me in less than 10 minutes.

At the time I also had a Neteller account and this account was also linked to my Yahoo email account, the one that was exposed. So the question begs “Why was my Skrill account the only one compromised?”.

Maybe the fraudsters did not see my Neteller emails and details; or maybe they knew my Skrill details from another website that was exposed during the Heart Bleed attack of 2014. Whatever it was, one thing is for sure: my Neteller account was not and has never been compromised, despite not having the two-step verification processed activated.

If Neteller is your preferred method for making deposits at and withdrawing your winnings from casinos and bingo rooms then you should check out our list of bingo rooms and casinos that accept Neteller as a payment method. All these gaming sites are guaranteed to give you a top-notch gaming experience and they're 100% safe and secure under strict UK regulation.


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