PIA VPN Review – All you need to know to play casino remotely.

August 20, 2023

All That You Need to Know About PIA VPN

Private Internet Access, often known as PIA VPN, has built a solid reputation in the VPN market and provides a full range of capabilities to safeguard your online identity.

PIA VPN strives to offer a safe and anonymous browsing experience with its strong encryption techniques, international server network, and user-friendly UI. PIA VPN is a competitor in the VPN industry, regardless of whether you’re worried about safeguarding your data, accessing geographically restricted content, or encrypting your online conversations.

The main elements of PIA VPN, such as its installation and setup procedure, performance and speed, privacy features, server network, and customer service, will be discussed in this review.

We try to present an objective and in-depth examination of these aspects so that you can decide whether PIA VPN is the best option for your privacy and security requirements.

So, let’s explore PIA VPN’s universe and learn about its advantages, disadvantages, and general efficacy in obscuring your digital footprint.

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What Is PIA VPN and How Does It Help?

Private Internet Access VPN, or PIA VPN for short, is a virtual private network service that improves online security and privacy by creating a safe and secure connection between a user’s computer and the Internet.

The user’s IP address is concealed by PIA VPN, which encrypts their internet traffic and routes it through a remote server, making it harder for outside parties to track their online activities or digital footprints.

The idea of tunnelling serves as the foundation for how PIA VPN operates. A secure tunnel is created for each user’s internet traffic using PIA VPN when they connect to the internet.

The data in this tunnel is encrypted, rendering any would-be interceptors unable to decipher it. The VPN server, which serves as a bridge between the user’s device and the internet, then transmits the encrypted data.

The VPN server decrypts the encrypted data before sending it on to the internet’s intended recipient. Because the websites and online services the user accesses only see the IP address of the VPN server, this procedure guarantees that the user’s real IP address and location are hidden.

Through its encryption algorithms, PIA VPN gives an additional layer of security and privacy. By encrypting the data being communicated between the user’s device and the VPN server, these protocols ensure that even if someone intercepts the data, they cannot decode its contents.

Explain How PIA VPN Work.

PIA VPN involves several key steps that ensure users’ internet connections’ privacy, security, and anonymity. Here’s a detailed explanation of how PIA VPN operates:

Encryption and Tunneling

The VPN application on a user’s device encrypts all internet traffic using PIA VPN when they connect to the internet. Encryption changes the data into an unreadable format to stop monitoring or unwanted access. Strong encryption protocols, such as AES-256, are used by PIA VPN to guarantee high security.

Establishing a Secure Connection

After the data has been encrypted, PIA VPN creates a VPN tunnel—a secure connection—between the user’s device and one of the VPN servers run by PIA. The user’s data will be transmitted across this connection, which acts as an encrypted channel.

IP Address Masking

PIA VPN hides the user’s IP address when their data travels via the VPN tunnel. Websites and online services only show the IP address of the VPN server rather than the user’s IP address. Due to this process, websites and other parties cannot monitor the user’s true identity or location, which helps to anonymize the user’s online actions.

Remote Server Access

The VPN server decrypts the encrypted data before sending it on to the internet’s intended recipient. The VPN server protects it from direct communication with websites and online services by acting as a go-between for the user’s device and the internet.

Encryption End-to-End

The same procedure is reversed when the requested data is returned to the user’s device from the internet. The user’s device decrypts the data after it has been encrypted by the VPN server and transferred across a secure VPN channel. Data is protected throughout the whole route thanks to end-to-end encryption.

These procedures can be used to connect securely and privately to the internet using PIA VPN. The user’s data is protected from interception by encryption and tunnelling techniques, and their online anonymity is enhanced through IP address masking and remote server access. Thanks to these qualities, ISPs, governmental organizations, or criminal individuals find it challenging to follow, monitor, or intercept a user’s online activity.

The PIA VPN functions independently of a user’s internet service provider, which is important to understand. The user’s internet traffic is protected from their ISP’s data collection or surveillance techniques thanks to the VPN connection, which creates a secure link between the user’s device and the PIA VPN server.

Encryption, tunnelling, IP address masking, and secure server access are the main components of PIA VPN’s operation, allowing users to browse the internet with increased privacy, security, and anonymity.

List of online casinos where you can use VPN for gaming:

The following is a list of online casinos where you can play for real money using the PIA VPN service:

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  9. Grand Fortune Casino.
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  12. Avantgarde Casino.
  13. Planet 7 Casino.
  14. Silver Oak Casino.
  15. Malibu Club.
  16. Club Player Casino.
  17. Wild Vegas.
  18. Palace of Chance.
  19. Prism Casino.
  20. Sports and Casino.
  21. Ducky Luck Casino.
  22. Kings Chance.
  23. BitStarz Casino.
  24. Loki Casino.
  25. Oshi Casino.

Is PIA VPN A Reliable and Trustworthy Service?

Yes, PIA VPN is well known in the VPN sector as a dependable and trustworthy service. PIA has established a solid reputation based on several elements contributing to its dependability and trustworthiness. Here are some crucial features that distinguish PIA VPN as a trustworthy option:

Longevity and Experience

Since PIA VPN has been in operation since 2010, this proves the company’s endurance and expertise in the VPN industry. over time, PIA has grown its user base significantly and demonstrated its dedication to offering a trustworthy service.

Transparent Privacy Policy

PIA has a straightforward privacy policy explaining how it handles data in detail. The business adheres to a rigorous no-logs policy, which forbids collecting and storing any records of users’ online actions. Establishing trust with individuals who want to safeguard their online privacy requires a commitment to privacy.

Independent Audits

Third-party audits of PIA VPN have been conducted to support its no-logs claims. PIA hired a reputable cybersecurity company to conduct an independent audit in 2018 to confirm that it does not keep any personally identifiable user information.

Security Measures

Strong encryption algorithms, such as the highly secure AES-256 encryption, are used by PIA VPN. A built-in kill switch is one of the features that PIA also provides. This function aids in maintaining privacy and preventing data breaches if the VPN connection is lost.

Global Server Network

PIA VPN manages a sizable global network of servers in numerous nations. Users can connect to several places through this vast server network, improving their browsing experience and giving them options for viewing geo-restricted content.

User-Friendly Interface and Performance

Because PIA VPN offers user-friendly software for many platforms, individuals with diverse technical backgrounds can utilize it. Users frequently praise the quickness and simplicity of PIA’s apps. Additionally, PIA VPN often provides dependable performance and fast connection speeds, guaranteeing a seamless online experience.

Active Community and Support

Users can ask questions, get advice, and converse with others in PIA VPN’s vibrant community and support forums. This focus on customer service indicates PIA’s commitment to assisting its users and attending to their needs.

Although no service is faultless, PIA VPN has made a name for itself as a trustworthy and dependable solution for those looking for privacy, security, and anonymity. It has a solid reputation as a trustworthy VPN provider thanks to its longevity, open privacy policy, external audits, encryption protocols, server networks, user-friendly interface, and customer assistance.

Does PIA VPN Keep Logs of User Activity?

No, PIA VPN strictly adheres to the no-logs principle and does not maintain user activity logs. One of the most important features of PIA’s service is its dedication to upholding user privacy. In their privacy policy, PIA clarifies that they do not collect or log any traffic information, including the IP addresses used by their users, the websites visited, the files downloaded or uploaded, or any other traffic data.

The no-logs policy of PIA has been officially confirmed by an assessment by a reputable cybersecurity company in 2018. The audit verified that PIA does not keep any personally identifying user data. Due to its openness and commitment to user privacy, PIA VPN has developed a reputation as a reliable service that values its customers’ privacy.

PIA ensures that there is no data access to share with third parties, particularly government departments or law enforcement agencies, by not keeping logs of user activity. This strategy improves user anonymity and guards against unauthorized access to and monitoring of sensitive data.

While PIA VPN does not maintain records of user activity, it may gather a small amount of data for administrative needs, such as account registration information and payment details. However, handling this information complies with PIA’s privacy policy and is often unconnected to a user’s online actions.

Overall, PIA VPN’s no-logs policy, which has been independently audited, gives users additional faith and assurance in its dedication to upholding user privacy and the anonymity of their online activity.

Can I get Money Back Guarantee at PIA VPN?

Yes, users of PIA VPN are entitled to a money-back guarantee. Depending on the subscription plan and the rules and regulations established by PIA VPN, the specifics of the money-back promise may change.

This means that you may ask for a refund of your subscription price if, within the allotted period, you are dissatisfied with the PIA VPN service. Thanks to the money-back guarantee, you may test the service and evaluate its features, effectiveness, and suitability for your needs. Before getting a PIA VPN subscription, you should know the financial details.

Reading the terms and conditions linked to the money-back promise is crucial to comprehend any restrictions or prerequisites for getting a refund. Some typical ailments could be:


The return policy is typically only good for a certain amount of time, frequently 30 days after the date of purchase.

Refund Request Process

Users must generally submit a refund request via PIA VPN’s support channels or ticketing system. A good refund process depends on adhering to the guidelines and offering the required information.

Refund Eligibility

Refunds are typically offered to first-time clients; they might not apply to renewals or further services. Examining the qualifying requirements is crucial to ensure you qualify for a refund.

To get the most recent and correct information about their money-back guarantee policy, it is advised that you visit the PIA VPN website or get in touch with their customer care directly.

Can I use PIA VPN To stream content from different regions?

Yes, you may stream material from several regions using PIA VPN. A global network of servers spread across multiple nations is available from PIA VPN. Users can connect to servers in particular locations and access streaming content that can be geographically prohibited because of this vast server network.

You may effectively conceal your IP address and appear to be browsing from a specific country by connecting to a PIA VPN server there. Bypassing geo-restrictions set up by streaming providers, you can use this capability to access content that would otherwise be unavailable where you are.

For instance, you can connect to a PIA VPN server in North America if you’re outside the continent and want to use streaming services that are only accessible to Americans. You will receive a particular IP address. As a result, it enables you to get around limitations and access the necessary content.

Due to their efforts to limit VPN usage, it is essential to remember that not all streaming services may be available with PIA VPN. Some streaming providers use cutting-edge methods to identify and stop VPN traffic. Even though PIA VPN is compatible with many well-known streaming services, some of these services may occasionally detect and ban VPN connections. You might need to try connecting to multiple servers in such circumstances, or you could get help from PIA’s customer care.

Overall, PIA VPN can be a useful tool for streaming video from other areas, enabling you to access a wider variety of international films, TV series, sporting events, and other geo-restricted content.

How Many Server Locations Does PIA VPN Have?

Users of PIA VPN get access to a sizable global network of servers spread across numerous nations. To my knowledge, at the end of September 2021, PIA VPN had about 35,000 servers spread over 78 nations.

Users can select from various server locations to connect to thanks to the large server network, giving them flexibility and options based on their unique demands. Users may get around geo-restrictions, access material from many regions, and improve their browsing experience by having various server locations.

It’s crucial to remember that since VPN companies continuously grow and enhance their networks, server availability and locations may change over time. For the most recent information on server availability and locations, visiting the PIA VPN website or contacting customer care is advised.

Does PIA VPN Offer A Kill Switch Feature, And How Does It Work?

PIA VPN has a kill switch feature that improves user security and privacy. An essential feature of PIA VPN’s service, the kill switch guards against data breaches if a VPN connection is lost or interrupted.

If the VPN connection gets unstable or drops, the kill switch feature is a fail-safe technique to ensure all internet traffic is blocked. This implies that the kill switch will immediately stop all internet traffic from the user’s device if the VPN connection dies, preventing any data from being sent outside the private VPN tunnel.

The kill switch feature keeps track of the user’s device’s VPN connection status. The kill switch detects a lost or compromised VPN connection and initiates blocking internet traffic. As a result, there is no chance of the user’s actual IP address or sensitive information being mistakenly exposed outside of the encrypted VPN tunnel.

A kill switch is one additional layer of security that PIA VPN uses to guarantee user security and privacy. It protects against unforeseen VPN connection problems, including server outages, network instability, or software conflicts. Even if a VPN connection fails, the kill switch feature ensures that users’ online activities remain safe and anonymous.

It’s vital to remember that the kill switch function may go by different names or operate differently on various platforms and gadgets. To ensure that customers can use this important privacy feature, PIA VPN offers comprehensive instructions on allowing and setting the kill switch feature inside their programs for various OS systems.

How can PIA VPN Help with Online Casinos and Sports Betting?

Privacy Protection

Your IP address is hidden by PIA VPN, which also gives you a new one based on your selected server region. By doing this, you can continue to gamble anonymously and privately. PIA VPN prohibits websites, online casinos, and sports betting services from monitoring your location or identifying your online actions by obscuring your accurate IP address.

Access to Geo-Restricted Platforms

Regional restrictions on some online casinos and sports betting sites may prevent you from accessing certain content because of where you are. You may connect to servers in several nations with PIA VPN, successfully getting around these limitations. You can access and take advantage of online casinos and sports betting sites that may have been inaccessible from your region by connecting to a router where the platform is accessible.

Safer Public Wi-Fi Usage

Your browsing habits may be at risk if you use public Wi-Fi networks, including those in coffee shops, hotels, or airports. Your internet traffic is encrypted by PIA VPN, guaranteeing the security of your data even when using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. The additional protection decreases the possibility of unauthorized access to or interception of your sensitive information.

Bet Arbitrage and Line Shopping

You can benefit from bet arbitrage and line shopping tactics by using PIA VPN to access servers in various locations. You may examine odds and betting lines from many online sportsbooks, boosting your chances of discovering advantageous odds and increasing your potential winnings.

While PIA VPN can improve security and privacy, it’s vital to remember that you must also abide by any terms and conditions imposed by the online gambling platforms you use and the laws and regulations of your country of residence.

PIA VPN’s encryption, IP concealment, and access to international server locations can offer a safer and more adaptable online gambling experience, safeguarding your data, maintaining your privacy, and extending your access to casino sites and sports betting platforms.

What Customer Support Options Are Available If I Encounter Any Issues Using PIA VPN?

PIA VPN offers multiple customer support options to assist users in resolving any issues they may encounter while using the service. Here are the customer support options provided by PIA VPN:

Knowledge Base and FAQs

On their website, PIA VPN keeps an extensive knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. This source offers a variety of knowledge and instructions on many subjects, such as setup, investigating, account management, and more. Users can search the knowledge base or FAQs to find solutions to common problems and answers to frequently asked questions.

Ticket-Based Support

For more specialized or technical questions, PIA VPN provides ticket-based support. The PIA website and the PIA VPN app allow users to open support tickets. The support staff will reply to the ticket and give directions to help address the problem.

Community Forum

PIA VPN users can converse in a lively community forum, exchange experiences, and ask for help. The forum allows users to ask questions, get guidance, and talk about many facets of using PIA VPN. Additionally, active on the forum, PIA employees provide advice and help.

Live Chat (24/7)

PIA VPN offers live chat support and is accessible around the clock every day of the week. Users can start a live chat conversation with a customer service agent on the PIA website. Users can interact directly with the support staff through live chat to receive immediate attention to their complaints or problems.

It’s crucial to remember that each help channel may have different availability and response times. While forums for the public and knowledge bases offer access to user experiences and self-help alternatives, live chat and ticket-based support typically offer quicker response times.

The customer care solutions offered by PIA VPN are designed to give consumers many alternatives for getting help and resolving any problems they might have with the service. PIA VPN ensures users get the help they need to have a good experience with their VPN service, whether through self-help resources, direct conversations with support personnel, or engaging with the user community.


In conclusion, PIA VPN has several advantages for online casinos. Consumers can increase their online security and privacy by using PIA VPN when accessing online gambling platforms. Sensitive information, such as financial transactions and personal data, is kept secure from prospective hackers and eavesdroppers thanks to the encryption and tunnelling features of PIA VPN.

Additionally, connecting to many servers lets users navigate geographical limitations and visit online casinos that could be restricted to particular areas. Users may take advantage of a safer and more flexible online gaming experience with PIA VPN, comfortable knowing that their data is safe and their online actions are kept private.

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