Bingo is one of the classical games that you can play in a casino. Such is the case with online casinos as well, as a big part of them offer the game of bingo to players. If you know anything by now about casino games, you should be aware of the rules that govern the game bingo. So this won’t be the subject of this article. This article will share with you some websites where you can indulge in your passion for playing bingo.

First and foremost among these websites is the website called Pick Me Up Bingo, a giant in the field of UK casino websites, and one where thousands of people from all around the world gaming. Now this website has it all: a variety of different games, bingo included, all available to you at any time during the day; a great atmosphere for you to enjoy; a great technical support team that stands by at your disposal all the time. But during this time when the internet has exploded in the world, there has been an upraise of the stiffness in competition among the casino websites.

The following are the main features that Pick Me Up Bingo, its partner sites and similar casinos offer to players:

  • Daily Free Games
  • Free Bingo Rooms
  • Chat Games
  • Giveaways


Pick Me Up Bingo Sister Sites

Now we get it, you might have spent the better part of the last three months playing the games at Starspins casino. And chances are, you are in need of some variety. It’s only normal and only human. Well, be not afraid, because there’s a way out of this predicament. And it comes in the form of the sister sites of Pick Me Up Bingo. We’ll mention some of them now.

Jackpotjoy Bingo – Largest Pick Me Up Bingo partner site.

Jackpotjoy Bingo is a fan favorite among the players, and it’s a site like Pick Me Up Bingo in many aspects. You have the variety of games with all of their features, the tech support and the atmospheric surroundings that will make even the most experienced of gamblers experience a new sort of excitement by playing the games at the casino.

But you already know this, of course, and what you’re interested is another thing. It is the bonus that you may get if you do decide to play at this site. And the bonus is far from negligible. There’s a promotion for this website that gives you 30 free spins on Double Bubble and up to £50 bingo bonus. So if you deposit something along the lines of £10, you could now get 30 free spins after wagering the deposit. 

Anyone can tell you that the math works out here in your favor, and that you’ll do well to exploit this one of a kind offer while you still can because the casino can cancel it out at any minute now. So waste no time.

And if you're looking for more similar bingo rooms, we have a list of the ultimate Jackpotjoy sister sites here which offer free bingo rooms, slot games and jackpots.

Virgin Games – Free bingo games at this sister site.

The Virgin Bingo website is yet another sister website of Starspins casino, and it’s quite good as well. Everything that we’ve said by now about the Jackpotjoy Bingo site, as well as the Starspins site, goes for the Virgin Bingo website. If not even more so. And the same goes for the promotional aspect of the casino, in that they offer a hefty bonus to new players that are willing to try out the games on this website.

The bonus over here is actually split into two options:  get 30 free spins on Double Bubble or get £50 worth of bingo cards.  That all comes from a minimum deposit of £10 and after wagering that same min amount on any of the games.

There are of course the terms and conditions which you must accept when dealing with the bonus money, but all in all the fact remains that you could use this gift of £50 bingo bonus as a way of welcoming players to the site. So it’s up to you to figure out the greatness of this offer. 

You can find many more gaming options that include bingo, slots and poker rooms in our review of the best casinos like Virgin Games.

Heart Bingo – Daily free games at this similar bingo site.

Finally, we have the Heart Bingo casino on this list, and this is the last, but not least, entry here. Quite the contrary, the bonus at the Heart Bingo casino is huge, as compared to other casino websites’ bonuses. The welcome bonus here is no less than 400%. Even a kid can grasp how good this offer is, and if a kid can do it, so can an adult person.

Yep, it’s you we’re talking about. Deposit 10 pounds and you get 40 pounds more in return. Now you have 50 pounds to use at whatever game you wish to at the website, bingo included. The T&C apply here as well, but you already know that. But there is no harm to be done by mentioning again that you should read the terms and conditions in order to grasp the rules governing the bonuses.

And this concludes our shortlist on the best websites where you can play bingo online, sites very much similar to the original Pick Me Up Bingo. Now we must mention that these casinos know exactly what they are doing, and they offer these huge bonuses for new players not because they are dumb and want to go bankrupt, but because they know about the potential that the casino games have, and that many people that will reach out for the 400% bonuses will end up spending the bonus on the games. So our advice to you is to keep your head cool, and always play responsibly.