Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Cheats – App, demo, free spins & bonuses

November 20, 2020

The Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold cheats are one of the best ways to make the most of our gaming sessions playing this popular slot machine from SG Interactive. If you have played online slots, chances are you have seen this game at some point.

Perhaps you have even played it. This game was initially created for the land-based casinos. It’s there that it has reached great success. Since then, Barcrest has taken it upon itself to translate this game into an online slot version.

The series of games under the Rainbow Riches name came out of this idea – including Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold. The game has some basic features and is an excellent way to enter the slots field. It features the classic five reels and three rows. There are, in total, 20 different pay lines. And you can typically place different-sized bets.


Please note that any attempts to cheat at the casino represent an illegal action and will result in your account being closed, any winnings forfeited and potential legal action against you. The following are tips and advice on how to “improve” your experience and are not a way to guarantee wins or improved odds.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Cheats

Cheat #1 – Download the app & play for free.

Our first cheat for Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is downloading the app from the Google PlayStore and playing for free.

If you like this popular slot machine from Barcrest and want to play as much as you want, the best thing you can do is not risk your hard-earned cash and give yourself a chance to have fun and entertain yourself absolutely for free.

Slot games are fun and easy to play; this Rainbow Riches game is one of the best choices for having fun and distracting yourself by immersing yourself in a fun game that offers an engaging experience through its innovative bonus games and incredible jackpots. What does the Rainbow Riches slot app offer?

  • Enjoy the famous Rainbow Riches slot theme right on your mobile device.
  • It features high-definition graphics – unlike playing on many mobile casinos.
  • You get real quality sounds like the ones you’d find at the best casinos.
  • Unlock several bonus levels.
  • Win Free Coins every two hours without spending any money.

The Pots of Gold version is yet to come to the app store, but you can surely enjoy the Rainbow Riches slot machine that started this worldwide sensation. Download the Rainbow Riches slots app here for free.

Cheat #2 – Load the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold free demo.

Our second cheat for players looking to enjoy Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot is that you load the free demo game straight from the source SG Interactive. We recommend doing it to enjoy this popular slot machine safely.

Some websites offering free casino games are spammy sites that load very slowly, often don’t work, are packed with advertising and provide a poor gaming experience. So why not go straight to the source?

You can play the Pots of Gold slots demo for free at SG Interactive, the company that developed the game. Doing this will ensure that you keep your computer safe from spam and viruses, you get fast loading speeds, and the best gaming experience possible.

You don’t need to create a new account; load your favourite game and enjoy. You also don’t get bombarded with casino advertising or newsletter sign-up pop-ups looking to get your personal information. The demo will help you learn more about how the game works. The caveat is that you won’t know what the game is like until you invest some real money.

Cheat #3 – Get free spins, no deposit bonus to play.

Our third cheat for Pots of Golf slots is that you play Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot with a free no-deposit bonus. If you get a kick out of playing games for real cash, but you’re an intelligent player who is not willing to risk their own money playing slot games, this is a risk-free alternative.

These types of bonus promotions offer online players an opportunity to play the most popular slot games without making any deposits, thus limiting the financial risk and potential loss that come with casino games.

For the most part, you will be able to find no-deposit bonus offers that offer a certain amount of casino money or a fixed number of free spins on selected games.

Other gaming sites allow players to spend this bonus on any games they have in store, which is even more attractive. Below is our choice of gaming sites that offer players a free no-deposit bonus for newcomers. We strive to keep this list fresh with the latest offers, so you can always return here and grab a new offer once you’ve spent your free bonus.

Cheat #4 – Play only at safe & reputable casinos.

Luckily, you don’t need to invest any money to play Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold. There are many casinos with Play Pots of Gold online features.

The best part is that many of these casinos that feature this game also have a welcome offer for newer players in the form of free spins. So, below, you can find a list of some of these casinos that have this exact offer at play:

Below is a cherry-picked list of safe and reputable online casinos that offer fair gaming, personal betting limit options, self-exclusion and, of course, a gaming experience that’s worth the money:

If you’re familiar with online casinos and operators, you will notice that some of the options listed above are the Gamesys Sites, which all belong to the same group.

These sites are listed here because they are known for providing a top-class entertainment experience; they’re fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and offer fairness in their games.

Cheat #5 – Aim for the Pots of Gold Bonus Games

What made this game so famous is the fact that it offers several different bonus games. We have already mentioned the bonus symbols that you can find in the game. These are the wishing health symbol, the road to riches symbol, and the pots of gold symbol. You must get three or more individual scatter symbols on any given spin to activate the bonus games.

So, if you get the wishing well bonus symbols, the game will stop for a moment, and you will be given a choice. The choice you must make is one of the wishing wells on the screen. All of them offer a variable level of multipliers. The biggest you can make from this bonus offer is an incredible 500x multiplier. Then comes the road to riches bonus game.

If you get three or more of these symbols, then you will enter the Road to Riches bonus section. You must guide a leprechaun in a field on the road to riches. Every step of the way is laden with a multiplier – the multipliers increase as you climb the road. Again – the most you can get with this bonus is 500x, much like the Wishing Healthy bonus.

There will be a spinning wheel next to the leprechaun in this game. You will need to spin it and hope you will get anywhere from 1 to 6 steps on the road to riches. There are two options for you to fail and get back to the original game. You will still retain your multiplier bonus if you’re unlucky with the spinning wheel.

Finally, we have the Pots of Gold bonus feature – the game’s namesake. This bonus feature is no surprise in the most significant bonus prize you can take. If you’re lucky enough, you will again be able to get a 500x multiplier of your bet. In this bonus, you will see a dancing leprechaun with pots circling him. There are bronze, silver, and gold pots.

These different pots offer different prizes – the 500x multiplier above is the biggest prize. Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold makes things interesting by introducing three different bonuses.

However, the Wishing Well bonus game and the Pots of Gold bonus game aren’t very innovative. The Road to Riches bonus is entertaining, though. It builds up the excitement and is an exciting take on the tried and tested bonus formula. The prizes of the bonuses are also significant – albeit non-innovative.

Cheat #6 – Choose gaming sites offering the highest RTP.

Different slots have different levels of Return-to-player rates pre-programmed into them. The industry standard is 95%. This means that for every $100 the player invests in the slot game, they will get back $95.

It gives the casino an edge of 5% over the player. But it’s important to note that this only goes for the long-term playing of a game. It’s a theoretical return to player rate. In practice, players can lose or win – but in the long run, it evens itself out – and the casino will be 5% richer than the average player.

So, where does the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold RTP rate stand? It stands at the dead centre – at the 95% mark. This makes Pots of Gold neither a lousy game to play (in terms of low RTP) nor a particularly generous one (in terms of high RTP). It’s average in every way.

Pots of Gold Slot Review

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is one of the simplest games in the Rainbow Riches franchise. Some people will be deterred, and others will be attracted to it. After all, in a world where everything gets more complicated and flashier, many people wish to return to the old school and play some good old-fashioned classic slot games.

There are several symbols in the game. The standard, low-value symbols are A to 10. Then there’s the Rainbow Riches symbol and the wild symbol. And then come the special symbols. These are the wishing healthy symbol, the pots of gold symbol, and the road to riches symbol.

All these symbols can turn up on all five reels – the sole exception being the pots of gold symbol. This symbol can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Again, the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold game is a classic slot game. It has no special rules that will make things complicated.

This means that the casual player will be the biggest beneficiary of playing this game. That being said, if you prefer to play something a bit more complicated, we suggest you find another game from the Rainbow Riches franchise. First, the lowest bet you can wager is 0.01 on a line – 0.20 coins.

The most you can bet is 25 coins on 20 lines, which goes for 500 coins in total. There are, of course, intermediary levels between the two extremes. You can feel free to pick whichever one you would want. In this sense, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a great choice.

It’s a straightforward game with three bonuses that can bring you a 500x multiplier each. It has the classic five reels and rows setup. You will get to understand how it works in a matter of minutes after you start playing it.

We hope you will have a lot of fun while playing this game – don’t forget to use the free spins and no-deposit offers mentioned above.  

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