Spartacus slots sites – Up to $300 bonus and 6 free spins with multiplier.

October 2, 2019

Games nowadays come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms; some, due to their design, are in earnest unconventional games but entertaining and captivating thanks to the innovation behind the unconventional design. Spartacus is one such game. Several things make Spartacus an unconventional game.

However, as an introduction here, we will focus on two aspects, i.e., the theme behind the game and the game design itself. The theme of the game, Spartacus is based on the legend of Spartacus, a great Roman warrior who decided to take on his former ‘employers’ after he had been thrown out of work (Spartacus trained as a Roman warrior but was sold as a slave before he could make a name for himself in the Roman army, finding it difficult to acclimatize to his new surroundings, Spartacus ran away and decided to fight the Romans with a small army that he had recruited).

Spartacus slots Sites 2024

Spartacus slot payouts.

Spartacus slot payouts.

Symbols: As can be expected with branded slots, the symbols in this game are more or less associated with the theme.

These symbols are also classified into two categories, i.e. the common symbols (which regularly pop up on the reels but aren’t key in triggering the game’s bonus features) and special symbols (symbols that infrequently pop up on the reels and are key in triggering the game’s bonus features).

When it comes to the common symbols, they are represented by Spartacus himself, Spartacus’ female friend, Spartacus’ male friend, a lion, a warrior helmet, a shield with a sword, and card suits.

This online slot machine has two special symbols, i.e. the scatter and the wild. The scatter is represented by the dome icon, which is the key to activating the main bonus round in the game.

The Spartacus represents the wild: Gladiator of Rome game logo icon. As is the norm for wild icons, the Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome game logo icon can substitute for all other icons on the reels, particularly when it wants to help complete a winning combination, except the dome scatter symbol.

How to trigger the free spins bonus in the Spartacus slot?

How to trigger the free spins bonus in the Spartacus slot?

Bonus Rounds: The bonus rounds that players will find in Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome slot game include:

Free Spin Feature: This online slot game triggers The Free Spin Feature when the player lands at least three domes scatter symbols across both reel sets. Three scatters will help the player get eight free spins and a 2x multiplier applied to all winning combinations in the feature.

Four scatters will help the player get 12 free spins and a 5x multiplier applied to all winning combinations in the feature. Five scatters will help the player get 20 free spins and a 20x multiplier applied to all winning combinations in the feature. An alternate set of reels is used during this feature, but still comes in the same design.

If you think the Spartacus slot is generous with its 20 free spins, you should try the Chilli Pop pokie machine with up to 26 free spins during the bonus round.

Slot Payouts.

Slot Payouts.

Winning combinations in Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome slot game pay as follows:

  • Spartacus carries the highest payouts fetching 1,250 coins for five, 250 coins for four and 125 coins for three.
  • Spartacus’ female friend carries the second-highest payouts, fetching 1,000 coins for five, 200 for four, and 100 for three.
  • Spartacus’ male friend and the lion carry the third-highest payouts fetching 500 coins for five of a kind, 100 coins for four of a kind and 50 coins for three of a kind.
  • The warrior helmet and shield with a sword carry the fourth-highest payouts fetching 375 coins for five of a kind, 75 for four of a kind and 25 for three of a kind.
  • The card suits carry the lowest payouts fetching 250 coins for five of a kind, 50 for four of a kind and 25 coins for three of a kind.

Playing Spartacus Slot with No Deposit Required

While the game developer states that it’s only possible to play Spartacus slot game in one of two game modes, i.e. either the demo mode or the real money mode, henceforth realize the benefits of each mode, i.e. win virtual money when playing in the real money mode, and on the other hand win real cash when playing in the real money mode; players, however, ought to know that there is a way in which they can play this slot in the real money mode but without actually having to wager with their funds!

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Spartacus Slot RTP 95.94%

Spartacus Slot RTP 95.94% 

This online slot’s Return to Player percentage stands at 95.94 per cent.

Pros and Cons of the Spartacus Slot




Non-progressive slot



A limited number of bonus rounds



Slots features.

Slots features.

The legend of Spartacus is one of the most famous legends as it incorporates different ‘themes’ from love, sex, seduction, betrayal to revenge. Recognizing how hugely popular the legend of Spartacus is, WMS, one of the most renowned game developers in the world, decided to create a Spartacus-branded slot game.

And while we’re on the subject, the Super Monopoly Money slot game was also developed by WMS, and it’s worth taking for a spin.

Above, we stated that two aspects make Spartacus an unconventional game. First, there is the theme issue, which we have already highlighted. Second, there is the design aspect. Regarding the design, players will be surprised to hear that Spartacus has two reel sets! Yes, you heard that right; the Spartacus slot game comes with not one but two reel sets. Incredible, isn’t it?

Well, this sot’s beauty does not end there; the two-reel sets incorporated into this online slot spin simultaneously as they are linked. As such, it’s very much possible to land two winning combinations with just one spin! The first reel set, at best, can be described as a standard reel set as it comes in a 5×4 design, meaning it has five reels and four rows.

The second reel set, however, is unconventional as it comes in a 5×12 design, meaning that it has five reels and 12 rows. Altogether, i.e. the two reel sets combined come with 100 paylines. Apart from the theme and the design, there is so much more to the Spartacus slot game; the review below will discuss these other aspects in detail.

Before we delve deep, though, we just want to take a moment to inform readers and players alike that the Spartacus slot game is also known as the Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome slot game.

The innovative theme and design implemented by WMS in developing this online slot machine reveal that the game developer took their time coming up with the game. Apart from the theme and the design, though, there is another thing that clearly demonstrates the commitment and dedication that WMS had when developing the Spartacus slot game, which is the game graphics.

The game graphics in the Spartacus slot game are nothing short of phenomenal. The background graphics depict the inside of a colossal Roman temple. This, therefore, means that the reel sets are housed inside this colossal temple. Both reel sets themselves are covered by a decorated brown wall.

Just to remind you at all times that you are amid the Romans, there is a Spartacus inscription at the top of the standard reel set. Designed using 3D graphics, the graphics of this slot game brilliantly accentuate the game’s theme as Spartacus and the other game icons are exquisitely displayed on the reels.

Having already noted how this online slot machine is innovative, creative and unconventional, many would be angling to try the game. Worry not if you are one such person, as gameplay is pretty simple. However, despite its simplicity, there are a few things that you need to consider and possibly alter before you can start your gaming adventure.

Below, we share these all-important things you need to check on. Once done, though, you will need to hit the Spin button to get the action going.

Demo Mode: The first thing that all players need to consider before they start their gaming adventure is to choose the game mode they want to play in. Choosing the player’s preferred game mode is very important as it informs you if you need a bankroll. Spartacus comes in two game modes, and as such, you will have to choose either one of these.

The first mode is the demo mode. As you can deduce from the mode title, this is only a ‘demo’ mode; hence it’s a practice mode or, in other words, a free mode. Playing in this mode entails the player not using any of his funds to wager.

This mode, therefore, is great for players looking to play the game for fun or those looking to try out the game for free before wagering with real money. Just so you know, it’s possible to spin the reels for free in this mode thanks to the free credits afforded to all players by the game developer, i.e. WMS.

Real Money Mode: Apart from the real money mode, players can choose to settle for the real money mode. The real money mode differs from the demo mode in that here, players must use their funds to wager; no free credits are given to the player.

Minimum and Maximum Bets: If the player chooses the real money mode, he will face another important decision. Spartacus has a wide range of betting options, allowing all players, be it the low rollers, mid-range players or the high rollers, to play the game for profits.

As such, depending on whether one is a low or a high roller, he must choose the bet amount that suits his needs. However, it’s important to note that the player’s choice has to lie within 0.01 coins per spin (2 bet lines) and 5.00 coins per spin (2 bet lines), as these are the minimum and maximum bet amounts, respectively.

While still on this, it’s also important for the player to note that the paylines in the Spartacus slot game are adjustable; hence the player can adjust the number of paylines downwards rather than wagering across all 100 paylines. Adjusting paylines allows low rollers a chance to play the game more conveniently, but at the same time, it reduces the slot’s RTP.

Key Buttons on the Control Panel: Regardless of whether one has opted to play in the demo mode or the real money mode, the player can alter some settings/features to gain more control over the game. Already, we have highlighted that it’s possible to adjust the number of paylines downwards or upwards.

Players can also adjust how the reels spin. The default settings entail that the reels spin manually. However, the player does have the opportunity to change this to make the reels spin automatically.

Mobile version.

Platforms to Access the Game

Players looking to play the Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome slot game can do so across most platforms. Firstly, this online slot game can be played on the desktop on either a MAC or Windows device. Secondly, players can also play the game on handheld devices optimized for mobile play.

The game can be accessed on mobile devices that run on iOS or Android operating systems. The beauty of this game is that it is an instant-play game; hence no download is required to start playing it.


Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome is a medium variance slot game unique in all facets. As such, the game calls upon all players to try it. Players playing the game can expect nothing less short of an exhilarating gaming experience.

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