Thunderstruck 2 Cheats – 5 Tips to hack the God of Thunder & win more.

Logo image for Thunderstruck SlotsThe legend of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning has lived with us for centuries now. Due to the popularity of the legend, many players look for the latest Thunderstruck 2 cheats to increase their odds of winning on this famous Legend of Thor themed game.

The following is a list of the best Thunderstruck 2 cheats for improving your odds of winning on this popular Microgaming slot machine.

Please note that any attempts to cheat at the casino represents an illegal action and will result in your account being closed down, any winnings forfeited and potentially legal action against you. The following are merely a series of tips and advice on how to “improve” your experience and are not a way to guarantee wins or improved odds.

Thunderstruck 2 Cheats 2022

Cheat #1 – Play where the odds are in your favour.

Our first cheat for playing Thunderstruck 2 slots is knowing where to play. This has to do with the fact that different casinos offer the same slot games but with different coins sizes, RTP and maximum Jackpot amounts. This is because online casino operators have realized that no every player want to stake the same amounts or not every player is looking for the same gaming experience.

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Consider the following example, where these three casinos offer Thunderstruck 2 slot with slight variations.

Secondly, a progressive Jackpot player will most likely prefer to play at online casinos where the maximum single jackpot is the highest; in our example. But there are also casinos that offer this slot machine in a progressive Jackpot version.

So the logic behind this is: if you're going to wager real money, you're better off playing where the odds favor your playing style or objectives.

Most importantly, there are online casinos, such as Go Wild casino, where the full features of the game are not publicly displayed before signing up. While this is not necessarily an indication that the casino si dodgy, it does mean that the player needs to first open an account and then figure out coin sizes, the Jackpot amount and other details.

Players need to ensure that the online casino which he picks as the best alternative is genuine. There is really no point in settling for the bogus online casinos as one will never receive the bonuses promised.

In order to check if an online casino is genuine or not, the player needs to check the casino’s licensing information and also to visit online casino reviews so as to assess if the casino has positive ratings or not depending on other player’s assessment of their experience during their time at that particular online casino.

Once this is done, the next step is for the players to check for online casinos whose no deposit free spins are open to all casino games available in the casino lobby.

Some casinos may have no deposit free spins that apply to all games but in their casino lobby, Thunderstruck 2 is missing while others may restrict the casino games that the player can play using the no deposit free spins. As such, it’s important that the player considers this before settling for any online casino.

The third step is for the player to open a casino account at the casino that offers no deposit free spins and at the same time, the casino that also houses Thunderstruck 2 in its casino lobby. The registration process at most online casinos does not take much time. Often times, the whole process will be over in a period of 5 minutes or under.

The fourth step is for the player to wait patiently for his no deposit free spins. Often times, this happens in an instant meaning that soon after the player finishes his casino registration, the no deposit free spins will already be reflecting in his casino account. However, if they do not, the player has to wait patiently as they may be some technical issues.

Cheat #2 – Take advantage of free no deposit bonuses.

Screenshot image of thunderstruck 2 slots free spinsAnother cheat that players can use when they want to play Thunderstruck 2 in the real money mode but without using any of their hard earned cash is to take advantage of the various no deposit bonuses which come in the form of free money offered at numerous online casinos.

The no deposit bonuses which come in the form of free money function in more or less the same way as the no deposit free spins.

Players looking to use this cheat ought to know that in the first instance, they have to search for the online casinos which offer the no deposit bonus which comes in the form of free money. This task can be conducted using Google or any other search engine of the player’s preference. Once done, the next step is to peruse through the search results looking for the best alternative.

The best alternative has to be an online casino that is genuine and also an online casino that has the Thunderstruck 2 slot game in its lobby. If such an online casino is found, the next step for the player is to open a casino account at that particular online casino and thereafter wait for the free money to reflect in the casino account.

Once the funds reflect, all that’s left for the player is to start spinning the reels of Thunderstruck 2 in the real money mode for free!

Just to make the whole process a little easier for players, you can find more free no deposit offers in our Sizzling Hot slot machine cheats featuring some of the best online casinos that the players can visit which offer no deposit bonuses that come in the form of free money while at the same time housing Thunderstruck 2 in the casino lobby.

Cheat #3 – Play Thunderstruck 2 at Go Wild Casino.

We have already stated that players can play Thunderstruck 2 slot game in the real money mode for free using no deposit free spins. Well, the free spins that we were talking about then are free spins which players can use on any casino game offered at the specific casinos that award the no deposit free spins.

Other online casinos such as Go Wild Casino have exclusive welcome bonus packages that award new players free spins which they can use solely when playing Thunderstruck 2! Great isn’t it. To start spinning the reels of Thunderstruck 2 at Go Wild Casino, players simply need to open an account and soon afterward, 50 free spins will be credited into the newly opened account. These 50 free spins can only be used when spinning the reels of Thunderstruck 2!    

Cheat #4 – Bet low and increase coin size gradually.

A common strategy used by many slot players is to start by betting small amounts until the lucky spins come. This popular tactic has to do with a common believe that luck comes and goes, so you bet small if you’re not being lucky and bet high if the reels are producing winning results.

Two very effective ways to improve your bankroll and winning odds are:

  • Play online slots that offer the highest payouts and most generous bonus symbols .
  • Get a massive casino cash bonus to play slots for free.

Cheat #5 – Opt for the progressive Jackpot version for higher wins.

If you have played slot machines online before you will surely have noticed that in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot prize, you must play slot games using the highest coin value or the maximum number of coins per spin available.

Most online slot machines that feature a progressive Jackpot require players to place the highest bet. So if you’re serious about hitting the progressive, your best chance of achieving this will be to bet max., otherwise you just won’t be eligible for the progressive.

Before you go and start betting crazy on slots, check the payout table for some of the best UK online slots that offer a progressive jackpot prize. Make sure you only play slot games that feature the highest payout to players, the most generous (and frequent) wild bonuses and Free Spin Bonus Round Games while having to bet the lowest stake amounts possible. This will help you maximize your risk-reward ratio.

There are some online slot games, however, that offer one or more progressive Jackpots without betting the maximum number of coins. The Thunderstruck 2 slot game is a good example of this type of games. This popular UK online slot game features three different coin sizes that start at just 5p per spin and there is a progressive Jackpot for each of the three coin sizes.

This game is ideal for beginner players who are just starting on online slots as well as for players who simply want to have a chance to win the big prize without having to fork out and risk too much money.

The progressive jackpot slots that offer you a chance to win the pot prize betting such low stakes may offer prizes below the £2m mark but bear in mind that you’re also betting amounts in the pennies rather than wagering $5 or $10 on each spin.


Not to be left alone, game developers in recent years have also joined the bandwagon and have started to develop the legend of Thor themed casino games. One such game is Thunderstruck 2, an online slot machine that comes from the Microgaming stable.

Just as its predecessor, Thunderstruck 2 became a hit soon after its release owing to a number of factors chief among them being the newly added features which made the game a better proposition in comparison to its predecessor. Some of these include the massive 243 ways to win which made lining up winning combinations easier, the presence of a couple of highly enterprising bonus features namely the Wildstorm Feature and the Great Hall of Spins Feature. Additionally, Thunderstruck 2 came with a much better Return to Player (RTP) percentage which stands at 96.65 percent.

The popularity of Thunderstruck 2 means that a high number of players like playing the game. A greater proportion like playing the game in the real money mode. While the real money mode entails that players have to use their own funds in wagering, players ought to know that they can actually start spinning the reels of Thunderstruck 2 in the real money mode even without risking their hard earned money!

Thunderstruck 2 as can be deduced from its name is a sequel. The game is the successor to Thunderstruck, a highly popular game which was released by Microgaming all the way back in 2003. Having realized how massively popularly the original Thunderstruck game was among casino players, Microgaming decided to release a revamped Thunderstruck game which they named Thunderstruck 2.

The above 5 cheats illustrate the strategies that the player can employ if he wants to start sinning the reels of Thunderstruck 2 in the real money mode but without having to wager any of his cash. As these cheats are pretty simple to master, it means now is the time for you to head over to any online casino of your choice and start your adventure in the Nordic-themed Thunderstruck 2.

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