Tiki Island Slot: Free Spins, Scatters & Epic Bonus Games!

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November 7, 2023
Tiki Island Slots Game Cover Image

So you heard about Tiki Island slots, uh? The popular Tiki-themed video slot machine with the promise of a thrilling gaming experience coupled with beautiful graphics and outstanding game mechanics.

This tropical video slot is brought to life by the creative minds at Gamesys, presenting you with Tiki Island slots—a fun online video slot that captures the essence of tropical adventure with its five reels, three rows, and twenty paylines, all underpinned by a generous RTP of approximately 96.29%. Let’s get started!

Notice to Our Players:

We hope you’re enjoying your virtual getaway to Tiki Island! Due to legal restrictions, we’re unable to showcase screenshots of the game. We appreciate your understanding and are here to offer you the next best thing – vivid descriptions and detailed reviews to keep you informed and engaged. Thank you for your cooperation, and let’s continue to enjoy the island vibes!

What is the Tiki Island slot, and how is it different?

So, what exactly makes Tiki Island slots different from the rest? This game has been carefully crafted, striking a delicate balance between medium and high variance that might make even the most seasoned slot enthusiasts deem it a high-stakes challenge.

At the heart of Tiki Island slots is its standard 5×3 reel configuration, with the chance to hit an incredible jackpot of up to £100,000. The excitement doesn’t end there—two distinct bonus games add layers of engagement, offering both fun and colourful rewards.

Scatters generously payout just for appearing on the reels, while Wilds dance across the board frequently, aiding you in forging more winning combinations. Ready to delve into the Tiki Island slot experience? Let’s set sail for a closer look.

What special features are available in Tiki Island slots?

The most remarkable features of Tiki Island slots are the Wild symbol and the paying Scatters. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

The Wild Symbol: Unlocking Tiki Island’s £100,000 Treasure with Wild Symbols!

As you know, wild symbols substitute any other symbol to produce a winning combination.

The Tiki Island wild symbol appears on the reels occasionally, and they combine with any other, including other Wild symbols. Nevertheless, the wild symbols don’t mix with the bonus symbols.

This Tiki Island wild symbol also holds the potential for the highest payout possible in the game, which is £100,000.

For example, if you get just two Wilds on the reels, this pays out ten times your stake. But if you hit that lucky combination and get five-of-a-kind, your bankroll will increase by 10,000x your stake. If a player used the top bet size per spin of £10 (£0.50 x 20 winlines), and we’re not suggesting that you should, it would produce a crazy cash prize of £100,000.

So “wild” is not a super unique feature; it’s something you’d want on a video slot game, especially if it offers that winning potential. Let’s move on before I come up with another pun (dad joke!).

The Scatter symbol: Unleash a Bounty of Wins with Tiki Island’s Pacific Mask Bonanza!

The Scatter symbols in Tiki Island can be one of the best symbols to get on the reels. The ‘aboriginal’ Pacific mask (Scatter) shows up on the reels occasionally to grant cash wins, with the x3 combo being a frequent combination.

Getting three Scatters in view will award a 5x total coins bet (stake size), which is already a good win. 

Four Scatters pay out a stunning 25x stake size, and hitting a lucky five-of-a-kind combination will pay an incredible 100 times your stake.

I don’t know about you, but I love games with paying Scatters. It adds some excitement to the experience, and it gives me the sense that I’m getting more value.

Do Tiki Island slots offer a bonus game?

Yes, Tiki Island slots offer a bonus game. In fact, it features two different bonus games that can make your experience even more fun. Let’s look at them in more detail.

The Puffer Fish Bonus: Two-Thirds Chance at Hidden Treasure!

The first of these two bonus games is the ‘Puffer Fish‘ bonus. This bonus game is triggered when getting three Puffer Fish Bonus symbols on a winning payline.

The mechanics of the bonus game are simple, yet the game itself is nail-biting and rewarding. 

When the bonus is activated, you are transported underwater and into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where you must choose among three fishes, two of which hide a cash prize, and the other hides the ‘Collect’ instruction and ends the game.

Effectively, this bonus game has a 66.66% chance of returning a cash bonus prize and a 1/3 chance of leaving the game. All wins during this bonus game are multiplied by the number of bonus initiating lines. Now, let’s look into the second bonus game, shall we?

The Coconut Bonus: Crack Open The Bounty with an 88% Chance of Tropical Wins!

The second bonus game in the Tiki Island slot is the ‘Coconut Bonus‘ game, which arguably activates less frequently. Albeit, this is based purely on anecdotal evidence.

The Coconut bonus is a ‘Pick ’em all‘ style of bonus. Now, it could be just luck, but there could also be a reason why this bonus is triggered with a lesser frequency. Let me explain what I mean.

When triggered, the screen shows Tiki’s Nuts, a traditional beachside shop with nine (9) coconuts you must hit to win prizes. Eight coconuts hide a cash prize, and one “losing” coconut will reveal the ‘Collect’ symbol and end the game.

More options means, of course, more chance of hitting the coconuts that hide a prize, so you have 8 in 9 (or 88%) chance of hitting a cash prize and only 1 in 9 or 11% chance of hitting that losing ‘Collect’ coconut. 

So, maybe this is why this ‘Coconut’ Bonus is less frequent, although, as I said, this comes from personal experience.

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Can I play Tiki Island slots for free online?

It is possible to play Tiki Island slots online without making any deposits. You should know, however, that to do this, you will have to sign up for a new account with any of the online casinos that offer the game.

You can only find the Tiki Island slot game at a handful of online casinos, namely the Gamesys sites or those running the Gamesys gaming platform.

To sign up, you will need a valid email address and provide personal details like full name, home address, and telephone number (mobile or landline), and you will need to verify your identity and age by providing an official document like driver’s license, citizenship card, etc. Be ready to be on camera, though, as they will request that you take a picture of yourself to ensure it matches the one on the document you’ve provided.

Once you’ve created the new player account, navigate to the “Slots” section and look for “Tiki Island slots” to start the game.

By playing Tiki Island in free mode, you can get familiar with the game and check out the payout table and bonus games offered. But keep in mind that you will not win any real money prizes.

Where can I find a demo of Tiki Island slots?

In the traditional sense, you will not find a demo version of Tiki Island slots. Due to legal restrictions in the United Kingdom, free demo games have not been available for a long time, and there are good reasons to keep it that way.

You can, however, play a demo version for free by following the steps mentioned above.

You can find the “demo” version of the game in our list of “Casino sites with Tiki Island Slots” (above).


Tiki Island Slots has earned a reputation as a captivating video slot game with the ability to offer great entertainment and the potential for fantastic wins. With its medium-high variance, it presents an exciting challenge, but it also carries the risk of depleting a bankroll if not approached with responsibility and a sound betting strategy.

The game distinguishes itself with outstanding artwork and animations, underpinned by a solid slot engine that drives its engaging bonus games and scatter-winning opportunities. It boasts an attractive overall Return to Player (RTP) percentage, cementing its status as a hallmark offering from GameSys.

Recognized for its charm and potential, Tiki Island slots frequently rank among the top online video slot games. It has the makings of a favourite for many players—ready to deliver a delightful gaming experience. Why not give Tiki Island a spin and discover its wonders for yourself?

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