Treasures of Troy slots sites – Uncover 1024 Ways to win on IGT’s epic slot!

Featured image for the treasures of troy slots sites review showing the game’s logo and the text: “Up to £400 bonus,10 free spins,1024 paylines,95.03% RTP.”

Another great game from IGT is Treasures of Troy Slot. It's an online video slot with massive 1,024 paylines to wager on which gives you that many winning combinations; unfortunately you also need to pay for each line to activate it and you can expect the payouts to be diluted by this much.

Nevertheless, it's one slot that has gained momentum since it was launched and therefore we've decided to include our own Treasures of Troy slot review. Read on and we'll tell you all about it, what to expect from this great game and which casinos are the best ones to play at.

Treasures of Troy slots sites 2022

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Free Spins Bonus.

How to win free spins in Treasures of Troy slots?

The online version of Treasures of Troy Slot machine contains 1024 playable lines or ways to win and it features a Free Spins bonus game. When activated, this feature will award 10 free spins where all wins will payout with a multiplier of 2x.

This feature can be triggered by 2 bonus symbols on reel 3. On reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 there are 1x wild multipliers that appear. I'd say that this is the main feature of the game if you don't consider the massive paylines layout. Unlocking this bonus game has the potential to boost your bankroll and give you more coins to play.

Multiway Xtra feature

How to win with Multiway Xtra feature?

There is an offline version of this game available, so many players may be familiar with it before finding it in an online casino environment. The game moves very quickly, which helps to generate excitement.

Those unfamiliar with a “Multiway Xtra” game may find it confusing due to the variety of ways in which to win. With these types of games, each symbol is a reel in its own right. Theoretically, a player can fill the screen with the same symbol, though this is a rare occurrence. What it means for the player, is there are more chances to trigger the bonuses and to win.

The one drawback to these types of games is that the fast pace can quickly become tiring. Players will find themselves hard-pressed to keep up after a long day of playing. The novelty also wears off very quickly and there's a good chance the player will move on to another game after a period of time.

Given the wide variety of games IGT offers, this shouldn't pose an issue and mimics the experience of moving from machine to machine in a real-world casino environment. Certainly, the casual player shouldn't let this discourage play.

However, this seems to be the only deterrent for a player. After a few plays, the concept of playing multiple lines becomes clear. The pace generates excitement for the player.

Combining this with a solid winning streak will certainly keep the player at the machine. The novice shouldn't have anything to fear with this type of game; it makes a great beginning machine.

Overall, this Treasures of Troy Slot Review gives a positive impression of the game. From the Grecian-style graphics to the multiple ways of winning, there is enough here to keep a casual player interested while hooking the more experienced one. This game is another winner from IGT.




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